How to lose 2 kilos easily before Christmas

The countdown begins to look like a palm at Christmas parties and still you're in time to take off those two kilos of more than one stroke and forever. Although it seems that there are few days left for the celebrations there is still time to lose weight easily, in a healthy way and without the dreaded rebound effect. If you need to take off a couple of kilos, take note of these tips!


Eat quality protein

Although you think they are not so light, proteins really are highly satiating, so they help you not to snack between meals; They protect the muscle and are essential when it comes to losing weight. Why? Why The body needs more energy to digest proteins than to digest fats or carbohydrates and this has an effect on metabolism. That is, the body burns calories when you consume protein.

To lose weight It is necessary to eat fewer calories than we burn, this is the most important! If protein helps you burn calories, a strict caloric restriction will not be necessary to lose weight but keep that in mind. Our recommendation is that you include protein in the main meals, always prepared in a simple way (baked, steamed or grilled) so as not to add calories to the plate.


Bet on low glycemic carbohydrates

You will have heard a thousand times that carbohydrates make you gain weight, this is not entirely true because you have to take into account many factors but it is true that they favor it. Why does this happen? Carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread, potatoes or rice have a high glycemic index, this implies that the sugar they contain passes very quickly into the blood causing insulin spikes that the pancreas secretes to eliminate that excess glucose that is given. This excess sugar is stored in the form of fat and if you do not eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly you will probably gain weight if you base your diet on these types of carbohydrates or abuse them.

Choose these days Low glycemic carbohydrates to accompany your protein at meals. For example, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, oats, mushrooms, quinoa, mushrooms, rye bread or asparagus are great options that will not help you lose weight.


Season your dishes in a simple but tasty way

Very elaborate sauces and dressings usually sin from excess calories and many times we We believe that a simple salad is less caloric than a grilled steak with mushrooms and spinach when it is not why? For the combination of food and the sauces it carries.

Choose for your simple dressing dishes, a drizzle of olive oil, chopped garlic, parsley, vinegar, low-fat natural yogurt, lemon juice … can be the best base for your healthy dressing. You can also add flavor to your dishes with spices, oregano, cumin, paprika … They are the best way to boost your food without having to resort to caloric and sugar-laden sauces.


Sign up for intermittent fasting

Celebrities love this trend and that intermittent fasting has become one of the fad diets. It consists of eating in a time slot and during the rest of the day not eating food. The most commonly used forms would be 16: 8 (it would be allowed to eat in an 8-hour strip and not eat anything for 16) and 12:12 for beginners (eat in a 12-hour period and rest for another 12), but also there are longer fasts.

Although until recently there was a belief that if you stop eating you prevent the body from burning calories, intermittent fasting has put an end to that myth. It is shown that the body stops eating for a series of hours begins a process called ketogenesis that what it does is use the fat it has stored to give energy to the body, or what is the same, helps you lose weight. It also burns fat without destroying muscle so it is a perfect diet.


Take care

Carry a healthy diet with higher intake of protein, healthy fats and vegetables, moderating caloric intake, it is not enough to lose weight effectively. Do not forget that there are more factors that should accompany this diet if you want it to be a success.

First forget about bad habits before the holidays, avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and sugary sodas. Practice some exercise, you do not have to crush yourself for hours in the gym, with going for a run or doing a simple table of 10 minutes a day you can tone and shape your body. Includes squats, irons, strides, deadlift exercises and stretching.

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Rest is a very important part of health care in general and also when it comes to weight loss. Sleeping less than the hours you need increases your cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which can make you gain weight, and increases levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. However, a good rest increases the levels of leptin, the satiety hormone.

With a good diet, exercising, drinking a lot of water and resting the necessary hours You will be able to wear palm hearts this Christmas easily.

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