How to lighten skin burned by the sun

How many times have you had skin burned by the sun? Even if you think that this will allow you to acquire a beautiful tan as soon as possible, what actually happens is that Your skin ends with some areas darker than others. The result is patches instead of a unified tone.

Many times, this can not be avoided. So, what can you do when your skin is burned by the sun? Next, you will discover some solutions with natural remedies that will help you lighten the skin.

Brighten the skin burnt by the sun

We like to emphasize the importance of applying a good sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. This will help you avoid new sunburn and, also, it will speed up its clarification if this has already happened.

Exfoliate the skin with sugar and honey

Exfoliating the skin is one of the best ways to clarify it. But, for this to take effect It is necessary to perform the exfoliation daily or alternating days. The best way to do it is with two very simple ingredients to get: sugar and honey.

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Sugar and honey are two ingredients that help eliminate dead skin cells.

Tonic made with lemon

Lemon has always been an ingredient that has been used to lighten skin blemishes. But nevertheless, It is important not to expose yourself to the sun after using it as a tonic, since this would cause the appearance of more spots.

The best way to use a tonic made with lemon is at night. We just have to squeeze the juice of a lemon and add a little water. However, there are masks that can be very effective, too, such as those in the article Medicinal flora used in skin diseases and beauty.

Hydrate with aloe vera

If we exfoliate the skin with sugar and honey, after toning it with lemon, we can only hydrate it. Why So that the skin regenerates properly it is important to moisturize it The best way possible. For this, we have aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a plant that everyone should have in our home. Before any burn, cut one of its stems, open it in half and apply directly the gelatin in the affected area provides immediate relief.

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After performing the routine exfoliation, applying the gel of this plant will clear the skin as soon as possible. For it, we must be constant and allow aloe vera to act all night (during the day it can be a sticky solution).

Aloe vera regenerates the skin, hydrating and soothing it. Its constant application accelerates recovery from sunburn.

Prevention to avoid lightening the skin burned by the sun

Despite all these solutions, we want to re-emphasize the importance of not exposing ourselves to the sun in an improper way. Sometimes it is not enough just to put on sunscreen, but we must answer questions like do we replenish it throughout the day or do I use an adequate protection factor for my skin?

Likewise, we can not forget about others elements that protect us from the sun. For example, the glasses, use a hat, a kind of cool shawl to cover the shoulders … In short, accessories that will prevent skin burned by the sun.

The skin burned by the sun not only causes undesirable spots, but also makes us vulnerable to skin cancer. Therefore, protecting yourself is very important. Since we have so many options around us to do it, why not use them?

Do not ever go outside without sunscreen, on the beach or in the pool, use an umbrella and do not forget your sunglasses. Prevent is the best remedy.