How to light the hall?

Are you remodeling your hall? A touch of light will completely change your face and make this a more pleasant place to welcome home.

Last update: 03 February, 2022

The hall is one of the most important places in any home, because It is the first person a person encounters upon entering.. Therefore, an effort should be made to decorate it strategically. In this article we show you how to light the hall to make it a pleasant and outstanding environment.

The hall tends to be narrow or small. For this reason, it also has little natural lighting.

However, being the space with which the first impression of the home is carried, it should have light, be tidy and have a well-defined style. In addition, it must be functional; This is where keys, shoes, umbrellas and other objects that we bring from the street are usually left.

In fact, the feng shui points out that this is a essential area for the flow of energies. Therefore, it is recommended that the door be made of wood. Likewise, it must be an area that transmits warmth.

Specific tips to illuminate the hall

light up the hall usually requires creativity and planning, because it is often corridors or narrow areas in which there are no windows or lights. However, there are also wide and long halls.

Once the space has been studied, if you want it to be a cozy and pleasant place, it is best to choose not to overload the area. In this sense, it is advisable to avoid too large furniture or have many decorative objects.

What’s more, it is better that the furniture is functional and contributes to creating an organized space. Otherwise, keys, bags, receipts and other objects will create a feeling of chaos and clutter.

Defining whether the keys are hanging or on a small table is a first step in organizing the hall.

Use light tones in the painting

If you are trying to achieve more lighting for your hall, it is best to opt for light tones on the walls. This advice, in addition to illuminating, will help create the feeling of a larger space. You can also put coat racks, furniture or other decorative objects that are also clear.

Create indirect lighting

Wall lights and lamps are great allies to create a pleasant and warm light. So, they should be used in the hall according to its size.

If you have a piece of furniture, like a dresser, you can put a small lamp on top. However, if it is a narrower space, a floor lamp would look great.

Install ceiling lights

The ceiling lights allow you to create lighting points with a very beautiful aesthetic. They look so much better than a dead light bulb and they are easy to install. You can select from the most basic round, to some lamps that go with the design of your house.

However, try moderate sizes. Otherwise, despite the lighting it provides, they will be overwhelming and make the space seem smaller.

Choose warm tones

This applies to the coloring of the bulbs, but also for shades of accessories. If you opt for gray and opaque elements, you will project this effect of lack of light in the area. However, the earth tones and the warm range help to generate light.

Put light on specific objects

In the halls there are usually paintings and decorative objects, such as vases or statuettes. In the case of paintings, you should put some wall lamps on top. Also, opt for frames in light tones.

Opt for LED lighting

It is a lighting that goes in a kind of tube and runs through the space. It can be used in the corner of a wall.

With these kind of lights ambient lighting is achieved. It goes well with a modern style.

Choosing recessed or pendant lights will depend on the space available.

Create visual comfort

A key concept when designing a lighting system is that of visual comfort. The requirements that this system must meet are uniformity, the absence of dazzling brightness, adequate contrast conditions and correct color reproduction.

In this way, you must achieve harmony in the lighting of the hall of your house. Must be enough to allow you to perform the necessary tasks in that space.

Complement with other useful objects

Once you have managed to illuminate the hall, it is key that you achieve a decoration that makes the space look as pleasant as possible. Use furniture and objects that allow you to solve needs when entering home.

A good coat rack is essential. You can also have a cabinet that allows you to store and organize shoes. Also a basket that serves for umbrellas. On the other hand, a mat at the entrance will serve to wipe your feet.

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