How to know if you are lactose intolerant?

symptom. The enzyme that degrades the sugar in the intestine is called lactase. milk, the lactose. When you do not have enough enzyme, lactose does not assimilate and ends up fermenting in the intestine, which causes pain, swelling, gas, intestinal problemsnausea and even headache.

Diagnosis. If before these symptoms the specialist suspects that you are lactose intolerant to confirm the diagnosis you can perform a exhaled hydrogen test (which from the exhaled air determines the amount of hydrogen formed by the intestinal flora after ingesting lactose), measuring blood glucose or doing the urine gaxilose test (low levels of xylose in urine are associated with low lactase activity).

Goodbye to coffee with milk?

Even if you are lactose intolerantYou may not have to give up drinking some milk. If you have been diagnosed with intolerance, the specialist will help you adjust your lactose intake until you reach the symptom control. Most adults with lactase deficiency maintain some residual activity that usually allows intake.