How to increase the lighting of your work corner?

Know how to increase the lighting of your work corner it is necessary if you do not want to negatively affect your productivity. It turns out that among the various factors to take into account, such as ventilation, ergonomics of the chair and desk, lighting, although underestimated, is vital.

Having poor or too bright light in your office or study could be detrimental to your health. Pain and inflammation in the eyelids, visual fatigue, tearing and headaches become the most common symptoms in this situation. To avoid them, find out how to properly increase the light in the place where you spend several hours a day.

Tips to increase the lighting in your work corner

Essential in any workspace, correct lighting can improve your level of concentration and mood. For these reasons, we show you how to get it.

1. Take advantage of natural light

If your office has windows, try not to cover them with curtains or blinds. There is nothing better than letting in the light of day.

To do this, locate your cubicle or desk so that the sun's rays do not pose a problem when you are in front of the computer. If space is limited and applying this advice is impossible, you can put some blinds and adjust them, but do not close them completely.

Now, if you have little natural lighting, make it stand out by painting with light colors. This will help the light to reflect. You can also reinforce, placing the appropriate artificial lighting.

Poor lighting increases the vision difficulties associated with working with screens.

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2. Place the light points well

The office must have proper lighting. However, care must be taken with each workstation, especially with those stations where there is little or no natural lighting. This way you will achieve an optimal balance and that workers feel more comfortable.

3. Use a neutral light

Keep in mind that white light comes in a color scale; These range from the cold ones, like the ones used to illuminate the dentist's chair, to the warm ones found in massage centers, for example. Starting from this, it is better to buy neutral bulbs.

It is important that you have a place to relax and it is usually the area where you eat. This space should be lit with a warmer light than the one above your computer; With this you guarantee a feeling of disconnection from the task.

Keep in mind that it will depend on the location of the job and whether or not it has natural light. You can also consult an expert.

4. Create evenly lit spaces

If you are working from home, we know that you may not have a dedicated office space. It is common that the living room or a corner in the room has to be enabled. Both spaces have warmer lighting.

But nothing happens that cannot be fixed with the help of a table lamp. Try to acquire the ones that adjust in temperature and inclination. With them you can create two environments; by using a bulb with natural temperature in the work area and a slightly warmer light in the rest of the place.

5. Ask an expert for help

When the matter becomes arid, it is advisable to go to an expert. There is no clear guideline to decide which place or not deserves the services of a professional.

But if you have a hard time applying most of the above tips, then now is the time. These people will help you develop a lighting project according to your work station and budget.

6. Try indirect light

This type of light can be installed both in commercial areas and in residences. Its main advantage is that, through a diffuser, neatly illuminate the space. This produces a feeling of spaciousness, comfort and avoids unnecessary contrast.

Home workspaces have to deal with sharing a room with other tasks. Look for differentiated light in each case.

Benefits of having good lighting in the workplace

Good lighting allows better performance, better concentration and less risk of eye fatigue. Discover other benefits of having adequate light at your workstation, where you surely spend several hours a day:

  • Good lighting keeps customers and employees from getting tired.
  • Workers will perform more professionally, being more focused.
  • Improves the posture of the worker and reduces the incidence of low back pain.
  • It reduces the chances of suffering from migraines, stress or mental fatigue.

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Increasing the lighting is more than style for your work corner

Having inadequate lighting for a long time can lead to serious health problems. Hence the importance of conditioning the correct light for your workplace. This could help you stay focused as well as improve your mood.

Keep in mind that natural light for your workspace could be beneficial. Take advantage of it as much as you can. On the other hand, the secret lies in knowing how to choose the intensity of the bulbs. In case you are not convinced by what you do, you can always ask for help from an expert.

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