How to increase serotonin naturally

Surely you've heard about the serotonin, the neurotransmitter that is related to memory, sleep, sexual desire, motivation and mood.

Put simply, it is the substance that makes us feel good, calm. It intervenes in the feeling of satisfaction and improves the mood. But stress, poor diet or leading a sedentary lifestyle can affect the production of serotonin.

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– Include in your diet Tryptophan-rich foods, one of the essential amino acids that synthesizes serotonin. Some of the foods that contain it are legumes, nuts and eggs.

– Search small personal pleasures how to receive a massage or take a bath.

– Incorporates Group B vitamins. You can find them in foods like avocado, banana, nuts and cauliflower.

Sunbath, But remember to use protection!

– Stay in contact with the nature. Natural environments stimulate serotonin.

– Incorporates magnesium in your diet. For that, you can consume more green leafy vegetables.

Think positive to increase serotonin levels and reduce the state of nervousness and constant alertness, proper to stress.

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-> calm your mind and pay attention to your breathing.

move on. Exercise is not only good for physical health, it is also an excellent remedy for stress and improves mood. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism of serotonin, according to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence of the United Kingdom.

Rest well. Lack of sleep can keep elevated stress hormones and lead to low levels of serotonin. Tip: stop using screens before sleeping to rest better.

– Eat foods rich in essential polyunsaturated fatss, especially omega-3 to maintain optimal levels of serotonin. For that, you can incorporate flax seeds and nuts into your diet.

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