How to improve your health and lose weight with things that take you a short time

You hear the word "change"And you think that everything will disappear overnight and it will be different." The truth is that you're wrong and you do not have to. Health, we are clear that if we want to improve it and our habits they are not good we must click and start to trace a plan to be as healthy as we can.

And what can we vary to achieve it? There are no magic recipes, but we are clear that the Food, exercise, sleep and relaxation are the four basic pillars that we must modify to enjoy a healthy life. It is good that you set your goals very high, but not only high expectations can be beneficial, are the little things those that end up causing the biggest change.

"A long way, short step", says the saying. In the midst of our crazy lives it is easy to forget or disorient before the numerous (sometimes contradictory) Tips for a healthy life. Pay attention to these four that will make your life much easier and improve your health substantially.

Eat and exercise

There are hundreds of different diets to carry out a good nutrition, although some are more stubborn than others. But if modifying your meals is too shocking and you think you might not meet, the best thing you can do is to take all the food a day in a period of 12 hours, which would be something similar to intermittent fasting. You may not get the same benefits as a harder regime, but if you do, in the long term it will be better. It is very simple, but it can be transformative for many.

Resting well is the key for the body to function properly. You must consider how many hours you spend in natural light

For many it is difficult to find time to go to the gym or to go to run several times a week, but practice 5 strength training minutes twice a week It can be really good "Society underestimates this type of exercise," he says. Druny Williams, personal trainer. "There is a lot of talk about cardio, but we forget that our muscle mass is one of the best indicators of how we are going to be when we grow old," he adds.

"It's very important because accelerates the metabolism even after having played sports. When we reach the age of 30, we can begin to lose between 3 and 5% of our mass every 10 years, and that pace accelerates after 50, "he explains.

More light and time for oneself

You go to work and stress; You are walking down the street and stress; You stay with friends and stress. Every day the same story to which we must add a great enemy: technology. Notifications, messages, alarms, filters, photos. We have become accustomed to not have almost restEven when we are in bed we take the phone. Dedicate yourself 15 minutes: "That time should be to do something for and for you that does not make you feel bad and that has nothing to do with your phone.

No need to go to the gym 2 hours: practice 5 minutes of strength training twice a week can be really good

Many believe that sleep is overrated and the truth is that it is the other way around. Resting well is the key so that the organism works correctly. One of the factors that you do not consider is how many hours you spend in natural light. Your body needs to see the difference between day and night so that the biological clock works well. With 20 minutes to your exhibition It's enough and even if you do not believe it, the next day you will not be so tired.

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