How to improve your breakfasts with these realfooders tips

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Did you know that eating breakfast loses weight?). Yes, your mother was right: a good breakfast full of nutrients and vitamins is a guarantee of a good day. If not, that they tell us, that we have been having breakfast as queens all the quarantine and we have left behind in coffee with milk between corridors in the newsroom.

On this path to become healthy beings, who after leaving the bus time to set foot in the office have also abandoned the ultra-processed, we have discovered the best tips to get a complete and very 'healthy' breakfast. How? Has been Carlos Rios, that through its Instagram account He has shared a publication in which he gives some tips to convert the breakfast at our favorite meal of the day.

In this Instagram post that he shared with all his followers, he gives some tips to flee from the ultra-processed, especially at the first meal of the day. For the nutritionist and creator of the 'realfooding' movement there are four essential keys:

The ultraprocessed, far

Its formulation is quite simple and is based on the placement of food in the kitchen, "You have to make it obvious. You have to change your environment as much as you can. You get up automatically and the inertia drags you. You must make the food real is obvious and ultra-hard to find. Ex: prepare an 'overnights' of oatmeal, vegetable drink and hazelnuts the night before, "he explains.

Appearance important

If it is healthy but unappetizing, you will not want to eat it, "You have to make it attractive. When you are starting, having a can of natural tuna for breakfast cannot compete against bimbo toast with Nutella, but, a Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of Ambrosia cream maybe it can. Or a toast of rye bread with egg and avocado can beat Hacendado's "milk" fillings. Yes, junk food is cheaper, but what price do you put on Your health? It prioritizes quality over quantity, "he argues.

Less is more

To make it delicious and tractive, you shouldn't be in the kitchen for three hours, "Keep it simple. Many super experts criticize me because I'm simplistic, but I consider myself more of a lover of the effectiveness of simplicity. Start your good habit with the minimum portion necessary to fulfill it. Then go from there. You don't have to eat something difficult, different, or bombastic every day, "writes Carlos Ríos on his Instagram account.

Breakfast with happy ending

If you're not feeling well after finishing, you're not doing well, "Make it satisfying. Reward yourself. Finish your breakfast with something rewarding. If you like coffee, make coffee the reward of your good breakfast. Or a chapter of your favorite series. Or the support of someone you love. Or cross out a click on your daily goal, "he concludes.

Without a doubt, four very easy and simple tips that you can do every day and that in the long run will be a guarantee of health and well-being.

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