How to improve our mood in the face of time changes

Cold in the morning, heat at noon, sudden rains … We are in a time when the climatic variations are continuous. When it occurs, even on the same day, it can reach affect both mood and physical level. Some of the most common symptoms are worse mood, greater sensitivity and headache. If it usually happens, here are some tips that can help you improve your mood in the face of changing weather.


Although there are people who are more sensitive to the weather, the truth is that to a greater or lesser extent, everything that occurs within the space that comprises the atmosphere can affect us. In some cases the impact is greater, as with altitude, but there are others that are more subtle, such as those that occur at change season: asthenia, allergies, bone and joint pain due to moisture, among others. Having one or more of these problems can cause our mood to also be adversely affected.

But calm down! There are a number of tips that we can put into practice to improve the situation in both autumn and spring.

Take care of your diet and adapt it: Having a good diet is key to feeling good. Given the changes in time, it is very interesting to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables and stop consuming those that are no longer. In addition, it is recommended that you limit or eliminate ultraprocessed products, as products rich in sugars, poor quality fats, refined flours and other additives will only worsen the situation.

Do sports: Another essential to feel good is to stay active. Half an hour of exercise a day will help you improve your mood significantly. You will release endorphins, you will oxygenate and, in addition, it will increase the quality of your sleep.

Spend time outdoors: it will help you raise your energy levels, especially if you can be in touch with nature. Plan a walk or some other activity that you want.


Adapt your looks to climate changes: Although it may seem a less important aspect, it can make a difference in terms of our well-being. Wearing comfortable clothes that allow us to feel comfortable at different times of the day is important. Bet on clothing that suits the changes that can occur in the same day. For example: jacket in the morning, a fine sweater or a blouse underneath for noon and a folding umbrella that accompanies you at all hours. The idea is to be prepared for what can happen.

Establish routines and be organized: the order will help you to have more stability, feel calmer and less irritable in the face of changing weather. This also includes, of course, the order of your home. Everything influences!

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