How to heal 5 emotional wounds through your body

Body, mind and heart are not so easy to separate. What happens in one, affects directly the other. Sure you have ever had an indigestion, cold or rash because of stress or an emotional distressing situation.

But we can also reverse the rule in our favor and use body movement to heal emotional wounds. After all, any change must be based on the mental, emotional, spiritual and corporal plane to be able to take hold.

In this note you can find some ways to heal different types of emotional wounds through the body.

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People with an emotional wound of this type tend to be elusive. Because they are so afraid of rejection, they take refuge inside so no one can hurt them.

What can you do?

Even if it costs you, it is best to practice bodily activities that lead you to bond with other people. This will help you overcome the fear generated by relating to others.

Some options that you can try are the dance, body language, biodanza, or theater. You should look for activities that will entertain, distract and promote contact with others.

In these cases it is also advisable to do stretching and flexibility activities to release the corporal rigidity that translates into the mental and emotional plane.


This wound has to do with a deep fear of loneliness and emotional dependence.

In general, a person who feels abandoned does not usually move his body because he feels he has no energy to do so, or because there is no one to accompany him. However, this only reinforces the dependence, the idea that being alone is one of the worst things that could happen to one.

What can you do?

Strengthen your muscles, fill your body with energy and oxygen. Doing this will allow you to feel all the strength that you have inside you, which is much more than you think.

Work your body posture to be aware of your axis, the column that keeps you standing. After all, that has nothing to do with anyone but yourself.

To achieve this you can do swimming, yoga, riding a bike, jogging, and even try sports like boxing If you think that what you need is to download the anger you feel.

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> Humiliation

A person with this type of emotional wound feels guilt and shame when he pays attention to himself. He believes that his only value is that others need it. It does not usually connect with pleasure or sensuality.

What can you do?

If you have this type of wound, what you should look for are activities that allow you to connect with your body, with exposure, enjoyment and sensuality. Dancing or doing theater can be good alternatives.

You can also practice Pilates to work the belly area, where the energy related to this wound is usually blocked.


A person with this wound does not usually move, since he always has other obligations. If he does, he prefers that it be something that allows him to take command, since he is afraid of losing control and always remains in the place of leader. This only reinforces his wound and puts that person in touch with his loneliness and his pain.

What can you do?

What you need is to learn to lose control and trust others. For that, you can do bodily activities in balance. Body language can also help you, as it gives rise to spontaneity. You should be encouraged to show your vulnerability.

It is also advisable to perform yoga to connect with your own feelings and needs.


People with this wound are usually rigid, demanding and distant. They find it difficult to connect with emotions through the body, which is why they usually do activities such as going to the gym.

What can you do?

Free yourself from the plans and schedules and incorporate more spontaneous and relaxed exercises, such as going for a bicycle ride. Look for creative activities that allow you to express yourself and connect with your emotions.


Dori Pecharroman