How to have a comfortable, elegant and well used hall without spending a lot of time and effort

The hall, the great forgotten of the house. Don’t you deserve the best welcome after a long day of work? All up to you. But there are some easy to apply and very effective tricks to make the most of the entrance of the house. A stylish foyer with plenty of storage spaceas well as comfortable, elegant and practical in the blink of an eye!

With a few simple steps you can give a total twist to the decoration of the hall and make the most of it. Always with sense and maintaining the harmony and comfort of the space. It all boils down to paying attention to your disposition as well as personal needs to make you as comfortable and responsive as possible. From forgotten space to favorite corner. Here are some tricks to discover how to decorate your hall with viral tricks that succeed.

An elegant chest of drawers, lots of light and a painting to mark style to achieve a hall of ten. / kave home

Dressers are a must

A piece of furniture that can never be missing in any hall, no matter how big or small it is, are the chests of drawers. And with the infinite models that exist today, it is an easy task to get the ideal one. A piece of furniture that, in addition to being elegant, is very practical because they usually have many corners to store. To store keys, jewelry and the like. And if you add some candles and a bouquet of flowers you will be able to create a very relaxing atmosphere.

Adding a mirror in the hall will always add elegance and personality to the space.. / @WESTWING_EN

Add a mirror to add elegance

And if you also add a mirror resting on the dresser or hanging on the wall, your hall will be the envy of all your guests. The best way to put a note of luxury and design in the space. In the form of a window, round or even more curious shapes.

The light in a hall is vital to make the welcome home even more pleasant. / kave home

Light, light, light… important!

A hall with light is three times as pleasant as a dark one. Arriving home will change completely. A very effective trick for those spaces that do not have much lighting is to replace the walls with glass. A large fixed window, a pane of glass… Endless solutions! Anything goes to add light to the hall.

Carpets always add personality. /

Bet on giving a touch to the floors

A rug on the floor will always give a touch of personality to any corner. The way to mark the route. Circular or rectangular, everything will depend on the space you have. A good trick? Add a non-slip sheet to prevent slipping.

Bet on wallpaper in halls to frame the space and add personality. / Leroy Merlin

Say yes to wallpaper

Betting on wallpaper can be an excellent trick to give personality to the hall. From floral prints, to others with stripes or even with small details such as polka dots or the like. There are endless options to find the one that best fits each home. Highly recommended in open halls because it manages to frame the space.

Add plants in the hall dresser to bring more color and light into the entryway. / KAVE HOME

Plants, a classic that never fails

A step as simple as adding flowers to the hall can mark a very significant before and after. And it is that they undoubtedly bring a lot of color and joy, as well as a sense of peace and harmony. The way to perfume the entrance in a natural way. The trick is to keep changing so you don’t get tired.

Add a coat hanger in the hall to keep the space tidy. / THE REDOUTE

Save a space to hang coats

If you don’t want your coats lying around, it’s vital to add a hanger or similar to the hall. You will ensure that as soon as you enter, everyone gets used to leaving their coats hanging there, as well as their bags, umbrellas and the like. Equip your entrance to maintain order and not lose elegance.

Tips to make the most of the hall and receive the best welcome to your home. With simple steps and without spending a lot of money, you can get an elegant and practical entrance. It’s all a matter of deciding the key elements that will fit into your home.