How to give yourself a massage with naturally flavored oil

By Dr. Abril D. Preatoni (@dumitie) *

Wondering what a massage is for? Yes, it is for contractures, drainage of toxins, liquids, and rehabilitation of injuries, but it is also for comfort, for body registration and for hugging the soul, softness and love.

A massage is all that, and more so, both for those who receive it and for those who give it. Even being a self-massage there are both actors, because one experiences the sensation of body massage and also the sensation of exercising it.

Here I share a recipe for you to prepare your own naturally flavored oil and pamper yourself to the soul.

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Wheat germ can be used as a vehicle, since it is very nutritious, it quickly heats up by rubbing it between the hands and is easily absorbed. You can also use another oil, if you wish, like Jojoba if your skin is very oily.

The vehicular oil is generated by cold pressing, it practically lacks aroma and, as its name says, it will vehicle the essential oil. It never hurts to remember that pure essential oils can activate allergies or irritate the skin because they are very concentrated.

To flavor, you can use a pure citrus oil: neroli, tangerine, sweet orange or a mixture of them. This will give you something cheerful, sweet and childish.

You will need a container, preferably glass or ceramic. It is best that it be colored, or dark. This will keep your oil better. It is necessary to have a lid, because natural essences tend to evaporate. If you get one that has a dropper, cream or atomizer valve, much better, so you can apply the product more neatly as you practice the massage.

In summary:


– Container

– Pure Wheat Germ Oil

– Essential oil (neroli, tangerine or sweet orange, or the desired combination).


– For 100 ml of base apply 60 drops

– For 1 tbsp, apply 6 drops

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Let yourself go! That is the best to enjoy the relaxing massage.

If you don't know where to start, it is best to choose an order. For example, you can start by the feet. In long bones, massage along, in joints, in round. Try to follow the drainage path. For example, in the calf, towards the little hole behind our knee; on the thigh, towards the groin; in the belly, in round and from right to left in a clockwise direction.

Then, follow the line of the clavicles towards the shoulder joint. Stop there and make circular movements, as in the joints. Then, massage your arms along and stop at the elbow to finish on the hands.

Then follow the neck. Here the only important thing is that the movements are made with love and conscience, gently. Soon you will start enjoying citrus aromas on the nose.

Massage the earlobes well and remember that when the blood circulation is activated, the aromas evaporate more easily. If after the massage you are going to bathe, take advantage and continue with the scalp. By the way, the oils will help you to make a nourishing hair bath.

Ready to give you a beautiful relaxing massage?

* April D. Preatoni is a doctor, phytomedicine student and developer of Dumitié Cosmética, a venture that creates small treasures with extracts of plants, seeds and fruits.

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