How to give your stomach a rest one day after exceeding yourself

We've all had a day of excess sometime. Maybe at a birthday party, wedding or simply because we met with friends or because we wanted to give us some tastes. Of course, we know that it is best to achieve a balance, but we may sometimes overdo it and eat more.

What's the score? If it has happened to you, surely you already know it: feeling of abdominal swelling, pain or oppression, heaviness, gas, acidity, among other discomforts.

In these cases, it is good to be able to give the stomach a rest. Think that our digestive system consumes a large part of our energy in order to transform food into nutrients that our body needs. When we overload it, it works like a machine: it takes even longer and could even fail, so the discomforts we referred to before may appear.

How to make that break? Here we share some tips.

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  • Let 12 hours pass between dinner and breakfast

This will allow the cells that line the digestive tract to repair and replenish. If the intestine continues to work, there is no precise timeframe for this process to be performed correctly.

  • Choose your food well

It is preferable to eat salads salads and raw or cooked food with a little coconut or olive oil. Leave sugar, coffee and alcohol, which can cause more irritation.

Avoid ultraprocessed foods and, if possible, also red meat, which can take a long time to digest.

You can also do other exercises. The important thing is that you activate your metabolism by moving your body.

  • Hydrate well

This point is fundamental, since, in order to function well, the intestine needs to be hydrated.

If you want to take this to your daily routine, a good idea is to do the intermittent or inter-digestive fasting. What does it consist of? In ordering your meals so that you have at least 4 hours between them. For example: breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, snack at 16 and dinner at 20. In those four hours, you can drink liquids such as water, homemade vegetable stock, homemade lemonade, but not solid foods.

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Then, there are those who argue that fasting one day a week helps to cleanse the body, rest the digestive system, activate awareness to stop eating by inertia, obtain greater energy and mental clarity.

In any case you should always remember that, if you want to do it, it is essential to be guided by a specialist or your trusted doctor.

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