How to get the most out of the treadmill to lose weight

you like run and you spend the day in the tape of fitness center. It is clear that you are one of those classic people who use this essential device and so requested. Why are they busy most of the time and at the same time they are one of the machines most hated by all?

Surely you've heard that "I hate the tape to run ", but you must recognize that it is very useful because it allows us to run when it is not possible to do it on the street.Over the years, in our country, the number of runners has grown enormously.

The data of the National Statistical Plan, made by the Higher Sports Council, can not be more optimistic for this practice. In 2015 it reached its maximum percentage of growth, although it continues to be popularized at a dizzying pace. Why? The weather is the main attenuantand. If you still do not spend a few minutes a day, go thinking about doing it: you are missing benefits as improvements in heart performance and blood pressure, increased quality of sleep and mental health, among others.

Take advantage of

These devices can be used for a great variety of workouts: walking, running long distances, even high intensity intervals, and if you want to increase the difficulty, also strength exercises. The first thing you should keep in mind to start a routine is plan long-term. Be clear about your fitness goals.

Walking on a treadmill several days a week while reading a magazine or watching TV may be enough to transform your health

If you are planning to attend a marathon, you may want to create a specific program. In the machine you have several that can help you stay interested. They have different objectives and you can change the options as you get better. Take advantage of everything it offers you: challenges with time, speed, inclination …

If you are not familiar, start slowly. Start walking little by little for three or four minutes until you get used to it and then increase the pace (you're comfortable) and run. All depends on your level and experience. Some devices also allow you to enter your data, create a profilel to calculate your heart rate and an appropriate goal. Use comfortable clothes If in any case you fall to the ground do not go to burn.

Do not get bored

There is a great variety of racing intervals that alternate between intense rhythms and recovery and they are considered an efficient and quick way to get fit. In general, these programs should take you out of your comfort zone, but there should be enough time to rest between the sprints so that you can control your breathing again.

Do not forget to warm up. It is very important to be able to maintain an adequate rhythm without getting tired and without slowing down. Change the slope once in a while so that it does not become easy for you and you burn more calories: think that the street is not straight and has elevations, the more real it is in the tape, the more benefits you will get. If you want to add some kind of difficulty, do some strength training (but not uploaded on the tape).

Spend a few minutes running on the treadmill because you are missing out on benefits such as improvements in heart performance and blood pressure

Baja, carries out three series of surveys of Weights, push-ups or squats and come back again to the tape. Do not forget to stop it altogether or you may suffer some displeasure. Watch your posture, be careful and try to maintain an amplitude that is natural to you. In fact, the tape is ideal for work together with the frequency of stride because you can go slowly making variations of speed and experiment to see what frequencies and rhythms you feel most comfortable with.

Take care

Do not look down because you will not stumble, there are no irregularities in the field, it is the same tape all the time so take the opportunity to look forward, with your head well supported but without excessive tension. Start in a constant exercise routine It's the best way to make sure you meet the recommended minimum guidelines of physical activity or your own fitness goals by experts.

But if you're not doing regular exercise yet, go slowly increasing, incorporating a little more time each week. Even walking on a treadmill several days a week while you read a magazine or see Netflix It may be enough to start transforming your health.