How to get rid of the cough that remains after a long and annoying cold

Colds have a number of processes. They usually start with a mild but progressive itch in the throat. After a few days, snot comes and your whole nose is blocked. This is the time when it is most uncomfortable and where in some cases you may experience a few tenths of a fever. After a few days, all these symptoms will disappear and in their place will appear an annoying persistent cough and in most cases wet, which will not leave you calm.

The time it takes for a cold to disappear is usually ten days, but in some cases it can take up to 18. The one that lasts the longest, without a doubt is the cough: "It can last longer because the immune system is still trying to get the airways back to normal, "he says Nicole M. Tyer, a Los Angeles medical specialist, in an article on the subject published in 'Prevention'.

If we alter our sleep habits too much, we have a greater chance that our immune system will weaken

If it lasts between one or two months, the best you can do is go to the doctor, as it may be a more serious respiratory disease than a simple cold that you are overlooking, such as asthma or some type of allergy. How to get rid of the cough? The best way to cure it is to prevent its appearance. How?

More protected

We would say that this year, as a result of the containment measures against the coronavirus, we are getting much less sick from the flu or cold than other years. This is because we are more protected, not only against covid-19, but against other viruses and bacteria. This is how the doctor recognized it Lorenzo Armenteros, spokesman for the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) in another article we talked about the cold. Therefore, the best way to prevent an incipient cold is strictly complying with all health measures to contain the advance of the coronavirus.

Honey contains a ton of antibacterial properties that help fight infection

Another key factor in preventing an annoying cold is getting enough sleep, since if we alter our sleep habits too much we have a greater chance that our immune system will weaken. Thus, reward the body and mind with a good rest It is another of the key measures when it comes to preventing us from falling ill or colds.

Now, what to do in case we have already caught it and we are towards the end of the cold, when the cough becomes chronic and truly annoying? There are many home remedies aimed at calming coughs, such as tea infusions with honey. This will help to hydrate our irritated throat and thus suffer to a lesser extent the symptoms related to constipation. Additionally, honey contains a ton of antibacterial properties that can help fight infection.

How to cope with a cold without removing your mask in times of coronavirus

Enrique Zamorano

Another of the tricks, which more than this is advice, is to give yourself a steam shower, as recommended in the magazine 'Prevention'. When we have colds we tend to feel much colder in the body, hence whye receive the very hot water from the shower that we repair and warm. In addition, the steam from the hot water will open our nasal passages and airways, thus facilitating breathing and freeing the nose of nasal congestion.

Ultimately, one of the best tips for both preventing and curing seasonal colds is to bundle up just enough. If you put too many clothes on top and then it is not so cold, you run the risk of sweating so your body would feel damp when it is dry outside. Similarly, this will come in handy to prevent sudden changes in temperature. The majority advice from doctors is to stay well hydrated, drinking enough water every morning and, above all, flee from vices such as alcohol or tobacco, which will not only lower our defenses, but will also irritate our throat and respiratory tract.

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