How to get a mouse out of the house safely and without killing it

Has a mouse gotten into your house? There are many ways to get him out of there without killing him. Discover them.

Last update: 20 March, 2022

Has a mouse gotten into your house? It is a situation that, in general, is stressful and unpleasant. However, no one is exempt from it happening to them and it is best to know how to react. In this article, we teach you how to get a mouse out of the house without killing it, effectively and safely.

Usually, when there are mice inside a house, people tend to use poisons or traps. However, also There are alternatives to get them out of the house without harming them. If you consider yourself an animalist and you are convinced that it is ethical to respect the lives of these animals, you will most likely prefer to opt for painless methods.

Disadvantages of having a mouse at home

Don’t play cat and mouse: take steps to catch mice and get them out of your house.

The presence of rats and mice in the home is harmful because they carry bacteria, protozoa, viruses and worms in their bodies. These organisms, which can be transmitted through their feces and urine, bites, scratches or areas that have been contaminated by their presence, cause various diseases, such as salmonella, leptospirosis, Weil’s disease, hantavirus, arenavirus and bartonellosis. , among other.

A manual from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology states that the presence of rats and mice in the home can cause “damage to crops and stored food, damage to various structures and the transmission of diseases to man and domestic animals.” They can also gnaw wires and cause fires, or damage objects in the home.

How to get a mouse out of the house without killing it?

Although it seems like an impossible task because mice are very fast and slippery, it is possible to catch and release them without killing them. However, it is essential to take precautions because they can transmit diseases. Here are some methods.

1. Make a homemade trap

There are two classic ways to make a homemade trap to get a mouse out of the house without killing it. The first is to put a glass or plastic container facing down, but with a small object that supports it so that the mouse can enter. You can use a lid or a cork, for example.

Then you need to put something to eat inside that will entice him and when he tries to get in, the bra will drop down for sure and get caught. Next, you will have to pass a piece of cardboard underneath, as it will be more difficult for you to put the lid that corresponds to the container.

Another option is to choose a deep container, like an old paint can, and put food inside. You can form a kind of ramp for the mouse to easily climb and jump into the boat looking for food. Once there, you must cover the boat quickly.

2. Buy specialized traps

There are several stores where you can buy mousetraps. You will find some mono-catch and others multi-catch. In other words, they allow you to capture a single mouse or several. This will depend on the problem you have at home. On the other hand, some have a glue that keeps them glued in place.

3. Throw them a towel

In most cases, when you meet a mouse, it takes you by surprise. In these cases, you have to act quickly. If this situation occurs, you can throw a towel over the mouse to immobilize it. Next, you must put a boat or bucket on top to capture it. Next, you’ll need to slide in a piece of cardboard or a piece of wood that can serve as a lid.

In this scenario, you should be very careful, as a mouse bite can be very dangerous. In addition, you need to release it more than 10 kilometers from your home and, ideally, in the countryside or in an area far from homes. However, it is best to call the institution that is in charge of pest control in your city.

How to prevent the appearance of mice at home?

Creating a mousetrap is easier than you think.

The most important factor to avoid the appearance of mice at home is to have excellent hygiene. The first thing is to be careful about leaving food scraps in the house, as that attracts rodents.

The foregoing is related to good control of garbage in airtight bins and not allowing large amounts of waste to accumulate. Also, you need to have a good pet food storage and pick up the remains that are thrown on the ground.

On the other hand, it is convenient to have doors and windows that do not allow mice to enter the home. In the market, there are different products that allow doors to be sealed so that there is no space for rodents to pass through.

According to a publication by the Pan American Health Organization, it is also advisable to eliminate spaces in the house where mice and rats can hide. In addition, it indicates that food must be stored hermetically sealed and, if possible, off the ground.

On the other hand, there are techniques that allow mice to be kept away from the house without harming them. One of the most effective, although also expensive and technological, is to use ultrasound. It is a machine that emits annoying sounds for rodents.

As to most natural methods, mice are sensitive to the smell of mint. Therefore, it is advisable to leave cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil near doors or areas where food is located.

Go to experts

Although it is possible to remove a mouse from the house without killing it, if the problem of having mice in the house persists, the best way to take care of the health of your home is to go to experts in pest management. They will allow you to condition your home and the areas that surround it to avoid this inconvenience.

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