How to gain storage space at home in places you did not imagine

Having a bigger house is probably one of the great aspirations that we all have after a certain age. First you dream of that cute little loft in the center of the city but, as life goes by, you begin to realize that when it comes to square meters, size does matter, not so much for a matter of status as of functionality. Where to put so many clothes and shoes, so many ornaments, so many pots and so many souvenirs if there seems to be no more room? Well, neither more nor less than inventing it. Yes, as you read …

Although we have said that the size (of a house) does matter, the truth is that that size can be multiplied as if by magic. There are times when it is necessary to remove a couple of partitions and make a small reform, but other times it just takes a little ingenuity (and these good ideas that we bring you) to get those extra meters that we need so much.

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Here we gave you tricks to make our room seem bigger, but if what we want is to get extra storage space in the bedroom, it is best that you make the most of it areas such as trunks and mezzanines to store everything that you can get rid of, but do not use frequently, as well as the part under the bed, where you can have a folding sofa that allows you to open and close easily whenever you want, or organizing with boxes storage. In addition, you can play with the double heights (raising the bed will allow you to multiply the effective space) and the vertical elements on the walls and doors with hanging furniture and organizers.

The stairs are another of the corners that we can best ‘exploit’ in our home to get extra storage: a lost space a priori becomes a very useful functional solution if we take advantage of it with cabinets and drawers in which we can store clothes from other seasons to kitchenware, blankets, tools, children’s toys … or even an office!

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The shelves on empty walls they are also a useful, simple and very versatile solution: we can organize books, ornaments and, using boxes and baskets, endless objects that we need to have on hand, although sometimes they are not so ornamental. In addition, there are the furniture with built-in chests or drawers, folding beds or ceiling beds (Yes, they do exist) they allow us to have almost open-plan rooms without losing their original resting function, and the folding tables, with which we will be able to create an office or a dining room almost in any corner.

Lastly, nothing better than use cabinets or shelves as ‘walls’, from the living room to the kitchen or bedroom: at the same time that they do the function of dividing and separating areas of the home (the living area, the dining room; the rest area, the office or study area), you get extra space of very useful and functional storage.