How to find my personal style?

The style in the human being it is the language that identifies it and in turn externalizes it. You wonder then "How do I find my personal style?" Well, the answerIt is difficult to build it to the extent that you attend to what your tastes and preferences are. It works like your name, between secret and visible.

It is made up of a combination of colors, textures, cuts and materials that, when configured, say what you are and what you feel. It is worth as your proposal, your way of planTarte in front of others and before the set of circumstances that make up the everyday.

Of course, the crucial thing will be to know yourself and see yourself as you are. An advice: look in the mirror with your own eyes, not with those you suppose others will look at you. This is an essential sign of freedom and confidence.

Aspects that you must be clear if you want to find your own style

Knowing yourself is knowing what features and characteristics your body has. The shape of the face, eThe width of the shoulders, the hips, the length of the legs or the neck, determine the fall of the garments. Just like your skin tone, it will indicate the contrasts, ranges or shades of accessories.

You must learn to observe yourself in front of the mirror with criterion of objectivity. What if you resolve follow your body shapes to make decisions about your overall appearance, it is recommended adopt certain guidelines that will strengthen the options.

"Our bodies are not only the place from which we come to experience the world, but through them we come to be seen in it."

– Merleau Ponty –

Personal style cannot be bought

Waiting for the money to acquire the pieces that define your style is not the best decision. It may happen that time passes and you do not reach the projected goal. Before, depending on your resources and creativity, you must make the right decisions that make you feel full and satisfied.

More than a new wardrobe, focus on establishing new combinations with what you have in the closet. Give them a try to see if they work as expected. If not, make the adjustments that seem necessary to you and always consider the contexts.

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Listen to you first, before others

When deciding, nothing like listening to you, because no one can know you better than yourself. Of course, sincerity and honesty must prevail. Finding your personal style is a school to learn to build your way of being and being.

That search goes through a process of reflection and self-discovery that reaffirms you. It does not respond to the pre-established canons of beauty, but to a decision with which you feel comfortable.

Dreaming with your feet on the ground, but dreaming

And that singularity that you build is planted on the earth, knows the limits and bases its strategies on reality. Go beyond yourself, yes, but by pushing yourself on your own two feet. Without a doubt, a challenge in a world full of appearances.

Your personal style must be stamp, mark and signature. More than a style, it is an acceptance of your mettle and charisma. With it, you reflect who you are in society and it usually illuminates how your self-esteem is.

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Tips for finding your own style

The essentials in building personal style is that it is yours and that tea acknowledges in it, that you are satisfied with what you project. If it is an imposition, sooner rather than later it will affect you mood.

The mark of a Well-defined own style is the happiness and spontaneity that you radiate. This will make you walk with a firm and determined step. You will communicate that certainty to others, which will manifest itself in respect and openness.

You Personal style tea gives confidence and security

This is the key to personal style. Tea provides confidence and security because it responds to your needs, what you like and what you way of coping with everyday life.

In particular, what I woreace or did you sees has responded to your wishes, as far as possible and achievable. Pretend to go beyond you can create a margin of uncertainty.

Personal style does not have to be strictly original

Originality is difficult in such a diverse world. So it is not convenient to sin as original if that leads us to border on scandal, imposture or falsehood.

You personal style must be authentic: an affirmation of you identity and, therefore, a projection of you personality.

It is best not to follow external rules

It is inevitable that I collects references, that you haves a wall to follow trends. In addition, the networks are full of images of your Favorite actresses and singers who do their best to set fashion standards.

Let yourself be carried away by you criterion, trying to mediate betweene the colors and shapes that tea they like and seduce. Self-knowledge is the key to style and goes through a harmonious dialogue with the trends and variants of the environment, with the airs of the time. Is you way of saying here and now.

You style defines it you Lifestyle

Even if you don't say what tea I dedicatedace, what do you do, what do you like, how do you assume life, perhaps see itton in you dress code. The key to a style that projects firmness Y character.

It is not about use a report. Far from it. But what is do the things that tea please and complement. And that this resembles the colors, the pieces, the footwear, the accessories.

Have fun

Find your personal style has to be a source of joy. The lot It will allow you to step firmly and easily. A sad body is saddened and enclosed. One sign of being comfortable with what we have on us is that we put aside the ceremonious and affected seriousness. And above all the what they will say.

“The body is the interior of the clothing, its content and support, while the clothing, which covers it like a second skin or first house, becomes its first space of containment and, also, of significance in the public sphere. "

– Andrea Saltzman –

Your personal style is a permanent dialogue with the day to day

It is a reading of you daily happen made dress, hairstyle and accessories. Because it is an inner dialogue concentrated, but not gimmicky in own exploration. A stripped-down inquiry that will lead you to discover what constitutes you and that, when it happens, it is reflected in fullness and freedom.

In conclusion, the world offers variants, opportunities and designs that dialogue with your inspiration. You watch and absorb. And in that you discriminate and select according to your tastes, you will find the personal and unique style with which you will decide to interact with others.

Being for others takes away your energy. So try to find what affirms you and, on that basis, build your mettle, your own responses to the demands of work, study, family, children, partner. Be yourself; The rest will follow.