How to fall asleep in the height of summer

At fitness center. Focus your sessions to the most relaxing sports. "The yoga, the Body Balance or the pilates they are disciplines in which they are carried out breathing exercises and postural control that relax and lower the pulsations ", assures Daniel Galindo, trainer and manager of VivaGym.

At home. Propioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (FNP) is a type of stretching combined with breathing that helps to relax the body. The best thing is that you can do it alone at home. Sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out, pick up air and, while you expel it little by little, bend your back forward and stretch your arms trying to reach the tip of your feet. Strengthen the stretch four seconds and return to the initial position.

Before and after

Give a 10 or 20 minute ride at dusk it is a good way to favor blood return and contribute to the segregation of endorphins. And just before going to bed, do a little meditation exercise: lie on your back and, in a relaxed position, contract the muscle groups in turns, from the feet to the head, for six seconds, then relax them.