How to fall asleep in 2 minutes

The sheep are tired of parading through your mind. This classic method, no matter how much they swear and perjure about its effectiveness, is already obsolete. Also, being summer, double difficulty falling asleep. The insomnia It is one of the most undervalued health problems that exist. More than four million Spaniards they have chronic problems to 'iron the ear', according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), that is, 10% of the adult population.

Few things are more frustrating than happening to you All night looking at the dark ceiling of the room. And even more when you really feel physical and mental fatigue, and as much as you try, it is impossible. The hours go by and, soon, there are only a couple of hours left to get up and go to work. Without doubt a hell that many people go through every time they go to bed. If you do not sleep, the next day you will be in a bad mood or with your head elsewhere. Further, You will make very bad decisions.

Exhale air until the mouth, tongue and jaw relax completely So the body knows it's time to rest

This is what happened to American fighter pilots in World War II. His generous people realized that their pilots were making terrible decisions for the army and that this was a product of insomnia. Hence the US Navy Pre-Flight School will strive to create a scientific method to fall asleep day or night, at any time and in less than two minutes.

This is witnessed by journalist Sharon Ackman in an article in the magazine 'Medium'. After six weeks of practice, 96% of the pilots were able to fall asleep in just 120 seconds. "Even if the machine guns rang or drank coffee", guarantees Ackman. How? If you really want to get some restful nights and feel rested the next day, read on.

When teaching them, their superiors asked them to try to stay asleep in a chair, a really difficult position if you also feel restless. With their backs straight, they placed their feet on the floor and their hands in their lap. The best thing to fall asleep is to get a stretched posture and that you don't have to resort to an uncomfortable chair. Therefore, stretch as much as you can and place your back straight.

Now that you are in the right position, the next step is Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Then, try to relax the muscles of the face, without squinting or frowning. Your forehead should be completely relaxed. Any sensation of tension in your maxillofacial muscles should be eliminated. Although you keep your eyes closed, the best thing is that you start to feel flaccid and flat fall, not the forces. Breathe out slowly until the mouth, tongue and jaw relax completely. This is how the body indicates that it is time to rest.

When you close your eyes, leave your mind blank: do not even think about what went wrong that same day or at what time you should get up

Then comes the turn of the shoulders. Let them fall as low as you can, as if they were floating all over your body, to the point of stop feeling the back of your neck. Breathe deeply again. Go to the arms and start on the dominant side. If you are right-handed, focus on the right bicep, feel how it relaxes and falls on your body. The following are the legs. Tell your right thigh to drop like a dead weight. Later, go down to the calf and then to the feet and ankles. And now that you are physically relaxed, it is perhaps the most difficult thing: to avoid eating your thoughts and not letting you sleep.

The last step consists of clear your mind completely for 10 seconds. Only ten. Do not even think about what went wrong that same day, or at what time you should get up, much less the problems you may have. If you think about all these things, it will imply a movement drive, so that your muscles will involuntarily contract.

Try to keep the mind still. How? For example, maintaining a static image in your brain. Anything that isn't unpleasant: imagine you're lying on a comfortable sofa and in a dark room. If it still does not work, it is best to repeat mentally "don't think, don't think, don't think" for ten seconds At least like that, you will keep your brain blank. When you finally get it, your entrance to the kingdoms of Morpheus will be immediate.