How to exercise outside when it's cold so you don't get sick

Physical exercise is necessary to keep fit and also to strengthen the immune system, hence the more physically prepared your body is, the less likely you are to contract an infectious disease caused by a virus or bacteria. Last spring, many people went out to play sports during the de-escalation, taking advantage of the fact that you could only go out for that. Now, after a few months and a few weeks after officially entering the cold season, the rainy and cold fall weather can put many fitness enthusiasts down.

One of the biggest fears is get some kind of disease (beyond the coronavirus) due to prolonged exposure to cold. In fact, low temperatures and humidity contribute to the virus becoming more active and resistant to the body's immune response, in addition to hindering the work of the cells present in the nose and throat, responsible for neutralizing pathogens.

The irritation produced by cold in the respiratory system is one of the causes that makes it easier for microorganisms to enter the body

But obviously, the cold itself is not responsible for making you sick. "The disease is the result of exposure to viruses and bacteria," he says. Leann poston, an Ohio physician, in an article on the subject published in 'Mel Magazine'. "Colds and flu increase during cold seasons, but that has more to do with the fact that more people are spending more time indoors, breathing germs, than with the cold itself. What's more, physical exercise strengthens the muscles and makes it easier to clear the lungs of any infection. "

More prepared than in summer

The irritation that cold produces in the respiratory system is one of the causes that makes it easier for microorganisms to enter the body. Therefore, one of the first tips to train in low temperatures is protect this area with a scarf or, for more comfort, a balaclava or neck warmer. In turn, it will also help to maintain body temperature and not suffer too much from the sudden change in temperature, thus reducing the ability of the virus to reproduce if it has been infected.

As in any athletic or sports discipline, it is especially important to dedicate a few minutes before exercise to training

The key is to layer your clothing underneath to mitigate that feeling of cold. Taking into account that, of course, we are going to play sports and therefore sweat, so it is not advisable to go warm either. In this case, the moisture will be trapped between the skin and clothing, thus creating the optimal conditions for the virus to penetrate our body. To avoid this, experts recommend wearing light and breathable clothing, never cotton, as this material prohibits body heat from escaping, causing sweat and therefore moisture to flow.

Another tip for going out to exercise in cold temperatures is to wear gloves. This will not only make another part of the body covered from the cold and external agents, but it will also minimize the chances of contagion, serving as a physical barrier between your hands and the germs. In other words, gloves will be more effective in keeping viruses and bacteria at bay than your hand gel, if you are conscious of not putting your hands to your eyes, nose or mouth while training. As in any athletic or sports discipline, it is especially important to dedicate a few minutes before exercise to training. In this case, when doing physical activity in the cold, it will be especially useful, since it will also smooth out the sudden change in temperature before getting down to work.

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The confidential

Finally, the most important advice that the experts launch is to arm yourself with a great willpower, because at the beginning it is natural that it makes you very uncomfortable to train in low temperatures. And for those who are used to the gym routine, This year it will be especially hard to do all the exercises outdoors. However, little by little you will see how your body becomes more resistant to both cold and physical activity, hence you get enough motivation to continue and not give up at the first change. Take heart with these months to come And that your will to take care of yourself much more and lead a healthy life does not wane.