How to eliminate localized fat in the abdomen and waist?

The Internet is full of recipes about how to eliminate localized fat in the abdomen and waist, but not everything is real or objective around this issue. There are thousands of recipes, preparations and even machines that promise to do it but most do not really work.

What happens is that remove fat in isolation it is not something that can really be done. Rather, it requires a comprehensive vision and incorporating true care for your health.

However, there are somes exercises, habits and guidelines that you can incorporate or modify to burn belly and waist fat.

How to eliminate accumulated fat in the abdomen and waist?

When we talk about how to eliminate accumulated fat in the abdomen and waistIt is important to know that localized fat cannot be eliminated, or at least not in an isolated way. Besides, what good would it do if we don't eat a healthy diet?

The excess fat that we do not spend accumulates in different parts of the body and due to different factors: from diet, sedentary habits to hormonal or genetic issues that do not depend on us.

Then How to remove the chubby ones from the waist in a week? Well, you can't, much less in such a short time. First and foremost because building a different habit takes time, effort and awareness. Second, because it also depends on the metabolism of each one.


Reducing the abdomen and waist is not something that can be done in isolation, for that you have to propose a plan and decide to lose weight in a conscious and balanced way. However, it is important to do something about that abdominal fat, since accumulating in these areas produces not so healthy consequences, such as heart disease.

Then How to burn fat from the abdomen and waist fast home remedies? Well, it is not proven that there are really effective home remedies for this. But there are some recommendations with which you can obtain visible results in the medium term.

Of course things like changing eating habits, inincluding a daily training routine and establishing a series of healthy guidelines are the true home remedies that will help you lose weight and balance your diet.

But there are also several recommendations that you can follow to help your metabolism.


1] Do cardiovascular exercises. From short and intense routines, running, riding a bike to dancing to your favorite rhythm. There are many options, you just have to choose the one that you like the most and that is an enjoyment for you.

2] Eliminate convenience foods and junk food from your diet.

3] They say that drinking lemon juice with warm water before breakfast helps burn fat from our body. The truth is that lemon is excellent for the liver, so it will be very good for our digestive system anyway.

4] Drink a lot of water, at least two liters per day.

5] Eat natural foods.

6] Change whole milk for vegetable milks that are much better absorbed.

7] Eat fruits and vegetables, try to make them agroecological.

8] Avoid consuming carbohydrates at night.

9] Eliminate sugar and products that contain it.

10] Cut down on alcohol.

It is important to remember that these are all tips, guidelines to follow. Instead of searching a diet to eliminate abdominal fat women or How to burn fat from the waist men? The best thing is that you look for a professional who adapts your diet to your physical condition and state of health. The important thing beyond body image will always be healthy.


There are many training routines, although it is always recommended to complement 30 minutes of active cardiovascular exercise with a strength routine that will allow you to tone your muscles while losing weight.

The routines are varied and that is why it is best to choose exercises for tone the whole body. Here we tell you three exercises to burn fat from the abdomen and waist:

Plates: They are the best of all because done correctly they work many muscle groups completely. There are several variants if you want to focus on strengthening your arms as well.

ABS: You can do the traditional ones, of course, but if you want to focus on your waist, the ideal is to lie on the floor on your back, with your knees bent and your hands behind your head. Then bring your left hand to touch your left ankle. Repeat about 50 times and switch sides.

Hip lift: Lying on your back with your legs bent and your arms extended to the side of your body, raise your hips holding the position for a few seconds and rest. Repeat it several times. Make sure your arms and the soles of your feet are 100% flat on the ground.

There are also many applications that you can download that have exercise routines measured by time and specially designed to tone in a comprehensive and localized way.

Or you can also search on youtube what you like the most. There are gymnastics routines, yoga, different types of dances, everything!

Here's an example of a super fun way to do cardio. Let us know how it goes!