How to eat in the street without abandoning the diet?

With the arrival of summer dieting becomes even more complicated. Meals with friends on terraces, beach bars, cocktails at sunset, dinner in front of the sea … And although to keep the type the ideal is to eat homemade food, in which you control the portions, the amount of salt, oil, etc … it is not about locking yourself up at home and depriving yourself of everything.

The truth is that there are always possibilities to eat healthy even if we do it in the street. There are no excuses or sabotages If you know what you want and have the will to fulfill your purpose.

Today we give you some tricks so that you always choose the best options to eat outside the house:


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– Always choose a dish that contains protein: chicken breast, tenderloin, pork loin or fish.

– Ask that your protein be made by grill or steamed. Avoid ordering it on the grill because they usually add butter or oil, that is, more fat and calories. Yes, you have no choice but to order it on the grill, remove the excess fat with a napkin.

– Choose steamed or boiled vegetables as a side dish, never sauteed.

– If you prefer a cooler option, ask mixed salad No cheese and no dressing. Order olive oil and vinegar separately.

– Avoid bread

Drink water or cold natural tea with sweetener. It is allowed to have a glass of red wine, but no more. And forget about juices, soft drinks, beer … They are full of empty calories.

– Avoid as much as possible all preparations with gratins, creams, sauteed, caramelized, etc., are hypercaloric.

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