How To Do Express Meditation: The Tricks That Work To Relax In Five Minutes

I have colleagues who, when they have five minutes free, update their social networks or have a coffee. Me I meditate. "It's a quick thing, I don't need more time to reset myself." Carmen is a graphic designer, she is 44 years old and her recent resume shows a nine-month stay in a Californian companies. “It was normal there to see people with their eyes closed in front of their screen, focused on their breathing. It is where I became familiar with the idea of ​​active pause and urban meditation. ”

The objective: to integrate a few minutes into our agendas for us.

Both concepts are trend and they are focused on something that we seem to be crying out for: to integrate a few minutes for ourselves into our overflowing agendas. And do it smoothly, without stridency or great effort. "Actually, there is no discipline as such that is called meditation urban –explains Carla Sánchez, co-founder of The Holistic Concept and wellness expert. It is more a movement than try to break false beliefs that we have about meditation and bringing it closer to our daily lives without falling into the trap of "I don't have time".

Faced with the stamp of someone on a mat practicing the lotus position for hours, the proposal is more humble: it's about stopping and taking advantage of those breaks that we do on a day-to-day basis to direct our gaze inward and make a scan of our emotional state. Companies are beginning to see their benefits. The Holistic Concept gives face-to-face training and provides platforms with audios and videos so that workers can meditate when they need it. This is the case of Ibermutua, where, thanks to this training, "we have helped our team to better manage their emotions, contributing to balance in their personal and professional lives," explains Jordi Expósito i Mengual, coordinator of the Healthy Company Program of the company.

But urban meditation or active breaks They can not only be done at work, but also anywhere. While we walk, we go in the car (and thus we do not allow ourselves to be gripped by the traffic jams) or we move by public transport. It may seem shocking or questionable to us, but it certainly seems more effective than playing Clash of Clans or reviewing the Instagram of the famous for the umpteenth time.

How to start

Microdose. If we intend to meditate for an hour every day, we will most likely leave it within a week. Better to start by trying to get five minutes a day.

Straight back. It is important to breathe fully and that there is a biological connection between the brain and the spine.

Let yourself be guided. In the beginning, nothing better than choosing a meditation audio that lasts the time you are going to dedicate. Make sure that it also adapts to the environment in which you are going to use it.

Pay attention to the other senses. You can choose to meditate with your eyes closed or use images of what is known as "sacred geometry", a tool for introspection and meditation. Digital artist Janosh, for example, combines holograms, frequencies, and musical tones to reach the subconscious.