How to decorate the hall of your house according to feng shui

Mirrors, rugs and plants are just some of the elements that you can use in your hall, according to feng shui. Do you want to know more about this style of decoration?

Last update: 06 March, 2022

Some principles of decoration feng shui they are basic and can be easily implemented, for example, in the anteroom of the home. How to do it? There are several ideas to decorate the hall; from a chest of drawers to a mirror or even a shoe rack.

Giving the best welcome to your guests goes beyond offering a cold drink in summer or hot tea when it’s cold. Receive your visitors with a space full of good energy. In the following space we give you several ideas to adapt this area.

6 recommendations to decorate the hall according to feng shui

According to a publication in Forbes magazine, the feng shui refers to the interaction of people with their environment. Based on this premise, specific changes are made in the spaces to promote a positive energy flow.

In other words, the adaptation of home spaces to the principles of this philosophy translates into a better quality of life. In this case, decorating the hall becomes a special task. This point is considered to be the meeting point of the yin and the yang.

The yin represents the warmth of home, while the yang it is the rhythm of life outside the house. So how should you decorate this site? Take note!

1. Place one or more mirrors in the right place

One of the essential elements to decorate a hall according to the feng shui are the mirrors. It is believed that these are decisive to neutralize bad energies and ward off problems.

Now, your location is very important. If you place it in front of or in front of the door, you may be rejecting good energies. Thus, place it on the sides, in such a way that it forms an L with the door.

A strategic placement of the mirrors in the hall can help to avoid negative energies.

2. Adapt the hall to place shoes and other items

When arriving at the entrance of the house, the shoes must be left in the hall. This helps to leave outside stresses at the door. However, keep in mind that order must prevail in this room, so you must get a piece of furniture suitable for storing shoes, winter coats and bags.

3. Provide warmth

When it comes to providing warmth to spaces, every detail matters. In the case of the hall, a complement to your decoration can be a rug. This serves to delimit the spaces and, incidentally, to enhance the entrance with color and design.

4. Add green energy

At feng shui, plants occupy a very special place when it comes to attracting good energies. As long as they are well cared for, they bring freshness to spaces and help purify the air.

For an optimal decoration of the hall, it is best to opt for indoor plants. These are more resistant and their care is easy to apply. Also, some give off pleasant fragrances.

5. Maintain order in the hall

The house should be a haven for rest, ideal for relaxing after a day of hard work. In this sense, it should be noted that it is important to achieve a pleasant view in the first encounter with the spaces of the home.

Thus, the hall entrance must be clear of objects, junk or any element that generates clutter. The ideal is to be able to enter the house comfortably, without tripping over elements out of place.

6. Ensure a nice view

You can highlight the place with the integration of some pictures. In addition, you have to guarantee warm lighting. In case the place does not have a natural light source, you can place soft lighting LED bulbs. The feng shui He advises keeping the hall clear and clean, in such a way that it inspires fluidity.

Plants, paintings and functional furniture are ideal for the hall to have a pleasant and orderly view.

Learn how to decorate the hall and turn it into a functional space

According to him feng shui, the entrance to the home plays a fundamental role in the flow of energy. Therefore, it is convenient to give it a decoration that promotes harmony. By the way, keep in mind that this area is for downloading other objects.

Therefore, if you usually leave your umbrella, shoes, coat, wallet, etc., when you enter the house, the best thing is that you make yourself a functional dresser that allows to have all those elements in order. Also, try to match its design and color with the rest of the decoration.

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