How to decorate the bathroom with wooden pallets?

A wall, a laundry basket and other accessories for the bathroom are projects that you can make with wooden pallets. Discover some ideas.

Last update: 29 April, 2022

Nowadays decorations with reusable material are gaining strength. And the pallets wooden top the list to decorate the bathroom, the wall of a room or even the kitchen. Natural, sanded, with a little varnish or painted in colors, the truth is that they serve to carry out various decorations.

The pallets They are the wooden boxes or platforms that are used to transport goods. Clarified this, you have to be careful with those that are old (2005 or earlier), since some were treated with methyl bromide, a toxic substance.

Anyway, the idea is not to alarm you. Right now this material is considered safe. Even, you can buy it in different sizes, so you can also vary its uses. How to introduce it in the decoration of the bathroom? We give you some ideas.

10 ways to decorate the bathroom with wooden pallets

From bathroom walls lined with pallets from wood to toilet paper holders or magazine racks, everything is in creativity and the need of the moment. Let’s review the following examples of what you can do to decorate with this material.

1. Tray with pallets for the bathtub

If you have a bathtub at home, make a tray with pallets it will be very useful to place aromatic candles, a glass of wine or your book of the moment.

This project can be carried out without the need to invest a lot of money. Perhaps you can give it a personalized finish with light tones or a drawing of your choice.

To achieve a better finish with the decoration with pallets of wood it is recommended to sand and paint.

2. Towel rack with shelf

Creating an auxiliary piece of furniture to fill a wall with a towel rack is very practical. In addition to increasing the style of the roomyou will have a place to hang towels and place some bathroom products. You can also give it a finish with dark wood paint or make some doors of pallet.

3. Toothbrush holder

The toothbrush holder is a necessary element in the bathroom, since toothbrushes, according to experts, should be left outdoors, in a safe place. Prepare the surface with the help of sandpaper to remove roughness. Then, decorate the piece in such a way that it harmonizes with the rest of the bathroom decoration.

4. Small custom shelf

Custom made shelves are ideal for storage. In this place you can store hair clips, dryers or tongs, for example. Similarly, they are also optimal places for soaps, essential oils, bath salts and other beauty products. A custom shelf is never too much in the home.

5. A rack for towels and bathrobes

A very creative idea that will allow you to hang towels and bathrobes so that they dry, and are not piled up after being used. You just have to add rings or hangers to the framewhich you can buy at a hardware store.

6. Mirror cabinet

It is possible to frame a mirror with the wooden pallets. Additional to this, you can make a shelf that allows you to put some objects.

7. Some decorative element

“Beauty is as necessary as usefulness”… for this reason, the proposal is that you take some tables and make designs on them. Explode your creativity! You can paint the distinctive male and female symbols of public restrooms and stick them on the door. Remember to trim the wood and polish the edges with the help of sandpaper.

8. Standing cabinet

The foot units are elements that can be placed under the sink. They are used to store toilet paper. This will allow you close access to it should you need it while sitting on the toilet.

9. Laundry basket

You can make a wooden box with a lid. This basket may take a little more work, but it will be worth it. Try placing a fabric inside to make it look less rustic. After all, it is about giving it the best appearance and good finishes so that it beautifies the place, without neglecting its usefulness.

10. Walls of pallets

have a wall of pallets, apart from giving a touch of personality and elegance, it makes that place have a different vibe than the rest of the home. If you want to enhance a bathroom wall, wooden pallets are easy to install.

You just have to have a nail gun, paint and do your best work. Remember to sand each board before mounting on the wall.

With wooden pallets you can also modify the bathroom wall. You will love the result!

Wooden pallets, a way to decorate and give style to the bathroom

When looking to give a different touch to the bathroom, wooden pallets could be what you need to get what you want. What is attractive about this material is that it allows you to be creative and implement various decorative methods. Just keep in mind the care it needs to keep it shiny and in good condition.

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