How to correct the syndrome of the drooping shoulders?

Fallen shoulder syndrome is a postural problem that affects a large number of people. But nevertheless, It is not just a bad posture that affects the shoulders and back; This condition can involve problems in other parts of the body, and even, sometimes it is associated with emotions and self-esteem.

Do you know what it is and how to correct it? In this article we detail how it develops, What factors are involved and what are the exercises that can help your treatment. Discover it!

What is the syndrome of the drooping shoulders?

This syndrome may have its origin in a physical problem in the spine or cervical area; however, in some cases it is related to emotional problems and self-esteem.

Fallen shoulder syndrome, also called anterior cruciate syndrome, is a postural dimorphism. What happens is that the shoulders tend to be carried forward and the head down. It is a position in which the person seems to look permanently towards the ground.

This position does not affect only the shoulders; in fact, causes that the back is curved more and more forward. This forms the so-called "hump", which refers to a dorsal kyphosis. In addition, it affects the pectorals and the neck.

Although it is most evident, carrying the back straight and shoulders back is not just a matter of physical health; as well it is a reflection of the level of self-esteem.

Many women self-conscious with their chest They tend to adopt this position to try to hide subconsciously. But this is just an example. There are numerous psychological problems that can lead to adopting this position, such as depression.

Further, nowadays this declining shoulder posture is observed more and more frequently. It is partly due to the excessive use of computers and electronic devices. The mobile phone's steep walking causes our body to adopt this gesture.

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What causes to bring the fallen shoulders?

This posture causes back pain, both lumbalgia and cervical pain. It is also unsightly. This is because it makes you lose height and looks like a bigger belly. It is even said that, when stretched, we transmit more security and we are more attractive.

Continuing this position causes flexibility to decrease. In fact it alters the movement of the joints and the balance. As well It can affect breathing and digestion.

For all this it is It is necessary to correct this position both at rest and in movement. It is important to walk upright and with your head held high. In the same way we also have to be aware of the position when we are working or studying.

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Tips for correcting sagging shoulders

Stretching exercises are suitable to correct the syndrome of drooping shoulders. In addition, they generally improve body posture.

There are numerous exercises that help to correct this position little by little:

  • External shoulder rotation. The goal is to take them back and keep them in the correct posture. For this, the shoulders are carried backwards for 30 seconds. You have to repeat the exercise five times. If possible, you should do it several times a day.
  • Rotation of shoulders with the scapula. It is about moving the shoulder blades, drawing chest and bringing the shoulders back. It is similar to the previous exercise. When you bring your shoulders back, try to move your shoulder blades as close as possible. Hold the posture for 30 or 40 seconds and repeat it five more times. This will also improve the rest of the back.
  • Stretching of the chest area. There are several ways to do them. One of them is to stand in front of a door and form a T with your arms. Once this is done, bend the elbows and raise the forearms to "hold" the door frame. If you take a step forward you should feel how your muscles stretch. Stay like this for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise.
  • Back stretch An example of how to do it is to lie on your back and bring your knee to your chest. He stays like this for a few seconds and then changes his leg. You can also stretch one arm and the opposite leg at the same time. Both exercises will relieve your back.

As we have mentioned before, drooping shoulders may be due to a personality or self-esteem problem. This is why it is typical of shy or self-conscious people, or even those who suffer from depression. In these cases it is not enough just to correct the position. It is necessary to treat the cause, and for that you may need to see a psychologist or do some kind of therapy.

In conclusion

If you suffer from sagging shoulders Ideally, you should consult a physiotherapist who can advise and help you. It is important to be aware that it can cause other physical problems. Also, if you think it is due to a complex, do not hesitate to ask a psychologist for help. It's never too late to improve posture.