How to copy with decorations and cheap furniture from Zara Home the winter decoration of an impressive house in the country

Notice: it is very likely that when you finish reading this news and, above all, see the photos that accompany it, you will want to pack your bags, close the door of your apartment in the center of the city and move to the country (as when we showed you this imposing house in Normandy). And it is that, the new deco publishing house of Zara Home transports us to a winter in a bucolic cottage in the English countryside in which the colors of Christmas blend with the rustic aesthetic and create environments full of warmth that, in addition, you can recreate for very little at home. Yes, although the field is far …

The Zara Home cushion covers cost between 17.99 and 29.99 euros, the blankets between 39.99 and 99.99 euros, the baskets, between 5.99 and 39.99 euros. The wooden bench costs 249 euros and the stamped topper, 69.99 euros. The linen tablecloth printed with garlands costs 59.99 euros. / Zara Home

This time it is Amanda Brooks, the former fashion director of Barneys New York, who exchanged the whirlwind of the Big Apple for the tranquility of a farm in the English countryside where, moreover, three years ago she set up her own decoration and stuff shop. pretty. And from there We are inspired by Zara Home with a capsule collection of textiles and ornaments which is all we need to teleport to the countryside and fill our home with warmth, rustic touches and elegant notes of ‘brit style’.

The candle holder costs 7.99 euros at Zara Home, the ceramic bowl, 7.99 euros and the plate, 4.99 euros. The glasses with a colored base cost 4.99 euros each, and the pieces of the white ceramic tableware, 4.99 euros each. The tureen costs 29.99 and the printed tablecloth, 39.99 euros. The Christmas tree decorations are available from 4.99 euros. / zara home

The typical green and red of Christmas go far beyond the decoration of the Holidays, and sneak into the most special corners of our home through checkered or floral prints in textiles such as warm blankets, fluffy cushions and precious table linens. Furthermore, l nature sneaks into the interior of the house with details such as plants and garlands that will put that bucolic note and the candlelight and the fire of a roaring fireplace They finish adding magic to the atmosphere.

The linen tablecloth with a patterned border costs 59.99 euros and the napkins, 12.99 euros. The plates cost 4.99 euros per unit, the same as the cutlery, and the glasses with a color base, 4.99 euros. The chairs cost 129 euros each. / zara home

Wood, of course, is the main material of the different rooms of this impressive ‘cottage’ of the English Countryside, as well as other natural materials such as organic cotton, jute, raffia or aged finishes. Special attention to how Amanda Brooks decorates her tables with seasonal fruit and flower arrangements: the detail of the pomegranates as candle holders has seemed simply sublime.

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