How to copy the decoration of this elegant mansion at Zara Home and make your house look bigger and brighter

We recognize it: we are completely hooked on Zara Home deco editorials. We would even dare to say that more than its new discount bargains. Thanks to them we have discovered this impressive country house in the English countryside or this other imposing one in Normandy. And now, we can’t resist copy the cheap furniture and decorations of this elegant and minimalist mansion with which, in addition, we will make the rooms and the living room of our home seem larger and brighter.

The linen tablecloths cost 29.99 euros (smooth with stripes) and 79.99 euros (patterned with flowers) at Zara Home; the dishes cost between 5.99 and 9.99 euros per unit; cutlery, 4.99 euros and glassware, glasses and cups are available between 4.99 and 7.99 euros. The pitchers cost 19.99 and 25.99 euros. / zara home

With the title Art of living, Zara Home proposes us to copy the minimalist decoration with rustic touches of a house in which natural light acts as an ornamental element in itself, thus managing to provide spaciousness to spaces such as the living room, dining room and bedrooms. This, coupled with the natural elements (wood, ceramics, linen, organic cotton) and at white color as the main thread (in all its shades, from nuclear to beige), warm, clean and very elegant environments are achieved.

The minimalist style that stars in all the decoration makes the rooms of this impressive house seem even larger and brighter. Plain and neutral colors, simple and low furniture that does not break the spaces, strategically placed decorations to give a special touch to some corners… In addition, the rustic-chic notes they bring warmth and personality to spaces, from the living room to the impressive gallery dining room or the spacious rooms. By last, decoration with natural plants and flowers they bring freshness and exquisite touches of color to a house that lives outwards and in which the large windows enlarge the spaces as if by magic.

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