How to cook quinoa in the microwave and 3 quick recipes to use it

We are going to teach you how to prepare quinoa in the microwave easily and quickly. Thus, you will have no excuse not to include this beneficial food in your diet.

Last update: 05 November, 2021

It is possible to cook quinoa in the microwave and obtain a quick result to include in any recipe, with its consequent contribution of high quality carbohydrates. After all, quinoa is one of the most complete and nutritious pseudo-cereals out there, perfect to replace rice or even tubers. Its presence in the diet is beneficial for health.

Keep in mind that it helps to reduce the presence of pasta and flour in the usual pattern. These foods have a high glycemic index and with a significant impact on metabolism, especially in the case of sedentary people.

Based on what we have pointed out, you can infer that, in reality, it would be much more appropriate to opt for higher quality foods, such as quinoa or legumes.

Cooking quinoa in the microwave

To cook quinoa in the microwave you will need the following ingredients:

  • Quinoa.
  • Water (double the amount of quinoa).
  • Pepper.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
Cooking quinoa in the microwave is very easy and practical.
  1. First, have a container with a lid suitable for that appliance.
  2. Wash the quinoa well before putting it in the container. To do this, place it in a colander and put it under the tap with cold water.
  3. Once this is done, Place the ingredient in the container and add twice as much water. The quinoa will absorb all of the liquid once cooking begins.
  4. Put the microwave on full power for 3 minutes. In the event that over time it is still too hard, add a little more water and let it cook for another minute.
  5. From here, all you have to do is add salt and pepper to taste and dress with extra virgin olive oil. It will now be possible to incorporate it into a multitude of dishes and enjoy its flavor and nutritional qualities.
  6. If you want to opt for a simpler alternative, Consider purchasing microwave-ready quinoa glasses. You only need to heat them for a minute and they are ready. It is true that the organoleptic characteristics are not the best, but on a nutritional level it is a totally intact product. It will be used for those moments when time is pressing.

Quick recipes for using quinoa

Now you know how to prepare quinoa in the microwave easily and quickly. We are going to give you a series of ideas to configure dishes with it, with the aim of increasing the quality of the diet at a nutritional level. All of them are healthy options that provide very high quality nutrients.

Quinoa salad

If you want to ensure a high intake of vitamins and antioxidants, nothing like preparing an exquisite quinoa salad. The best? You only need a few minutes to have it ready and it is very healthy.

In the end, vegetable flavonoids neutralize the formation of free radicals and its subsequent accumulation in the body’s tissues, which has a positive impact on the state of health according to data from a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

  1. To enjoy a quinoa salad, you will only need to cook the pseudocereal as we just taught you.
  2. Then, place it in a large bowl and also add cherry tomatoes cut in half, olives, tuna canned with extra virgin olive oil, bean sprouts, sweet corn, grated carrot and some lamb’s lettuce.
  3. You will only have garnish the whole with a splash of lemon juice. You can also use apple cider vinegar.
  4. Correct salt and pepper, and you will have a dish ready to be tasted.
Quinoa cooked in the microwave can be used in different healthy preparations.

Quinoa with chicken and vegetables

Meeting the daily protein needs is crucial to maintaining good health. These nutrients have been shown to help prevent pathologies associated with lean mass, such as sarcopenia.

It will be decisive to be able to ingest a significant amount of proteins of high biological value every day, that is, of animal origin. To do this, you can prepare a simple dish of quinoa with chicken and vegetables.

  1. First, microwave the quinoa.
  2. Dice the chicken. The ideal is to choose a lean part such as breast.
  3. Sauté the chicken with bell peppers and julienned carrots.
  4. You will only have to gather all the ingredients in a bowl and correct the salt and pepper, being able to add a little extra virgin olive oil on top.

Grilled salmon with salad and quinoa

Fish is a food that requires a garnish to enjoy it to the fullest. However, it is important that it appears in the diet frequently, since it concentrates a large number of high-quality essential nutrients within it.

For example, oily fish stand out for their contribution of omega 3 series fatty acids. There is evidence that these elements reduce cardiovascular risk. To prepare a great fish dish only you have to choose a piece of good quality lean salmon. A bull or a slice will suffice.

  1. Pass the fish on the grill with extra virgin olive oil until its surface is browned, but ensuring that the center is not excessively dry.
  2. Once the salmon is ready, make the quinoa in the microwave and accompany both foods with a good handful of vegetables.
  3. A mixed salad would be a good option, although you can also choose to cut a tomato, sauté some mushrooms or prepare some asparagus. Any of these alternatives will provide high-quality antioxidants and nutrients.

Prepare quinoa in the microwave and get the most out of it

As you’ve seen, it’s easy to microwave quinoa and create a high-quality garnish for a wide variety of dishes. The combinations are endless, it all depends on the time you want to spend in the kitchen. In addition, it is possible to season dishes with culinary spices. and obtain a higher content of antioxidant flavonoids.

In any case, remember that to achieve good health it will be necessary to combine an adequate diet with other healthy lifestyle habits. Among them, the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis and good rest stand out. It is essential to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours each night to ensure that the recovery processes are carried out optimally.

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