How to combine different tableware and other decoration trends that you have to copy to put the most beautiful tables (also at Christmas)

ANA CALVO Wednesday, December 22, 2021, 11:47

« The decoration of the tables is not an easy task, but with a few tricks, you will surely take Instagram by storm, leaving no guest indifferent «. This is how Ana Zapata, CEO of the mythical tableware house, tells usThe Cartuja of Seville, and that’s why we put ourselves in the hands of this expert to take note of the best deco tips to dress our table (also at Christmas).

As in everything, including the decoration of our house, when it comes to dressing the table, there are also trends, and although Ana Zapata assures that «it is not possible to define a single one, because the evolution of care for the decoration of the table, the detail, affection and respect for the home has increased in recent times, due to the fact that we spend more time at home and we are allowing ourselves to make the extraordinary something everyday. in 2022 the key «will be the combination of classic pieces with other more modern and current ones, the theatrical sets, the feathers, the flowers, the scenography around the table, warm and personal, themed and sustainable designs «. And he points out: »I like to combine the details, the flowers, the dishes and the tablecloth, sitting at a well-set table undoubtedly influences the moment it is going to celebrate, improving it«.

Yes, they exist timeless pieces we all should have in our ‘cupboard bottom’: «there are timeless pieces that never go out of style, the classic tableware from La Cartuja, Negro Vistas, 202 Rosa, Viejo Molino … that can be combined with other basic collections and other more contemporary decorations, but that no matter how long it passes, you continue to like it, it transports you to the memory and always makes any event in which it is used more complete ».

Ana Zapata is clear that «the first and most important [a la hora de vestir la mesa] is do it with love. In addition, there is the symmetry, the accessories, the combination of colors between tablecloths, tableware and decoration and the mixture of collections of different tableware for a different table that acquires autonomy «. And it is that, more and more we see tables in which that mixture of elements, previously unthinkable, plays a leading role with spectacular results.

But how do you make it make sense? « The symmetry and combination of pieces in the same color or basic ranges with decorations is the key to success., and the order and organization of all the pieces is essential. The selection of table linen and its perfect combination with the different tableware is another point to take into account. The important thing is to test, prepare the table and analyze if it is visually pleasing, if it conveys wanting to eat at that table. The most important thing about the combination is consistency between crockery, other pieces and table linens«, Points out the CEO of La Cartuja de Sevilla, who cites among those ‘other pieces’» feathers of the same chromatic range around the base plate, silver candelabra with candles, flowers and fruits, a scandal decorated tablecloth … « . Everything, with the aim of creating an »elegant and sophisticated setting, mixing modernity and classicism« to serve our dishes.

The art of setting a good table also requires practice and, as in everything, there are a few ‘golden rules’ that we should all know. «First, you have to do it with time, with love and enjoy it, Prior organization is key to feeling that you have done a good job and that the diner, seated at a table that is well cared for and worked on in detail, feels respected and appreciated«. In addition, Ana Zapata refers, beyond the now forced social distance, that there is »enough space at the table, it is not good to make an extensive decoration on a small table, there must be space between the diners, which is not overwhelming nor recharged, that visually be beautiful «. Another mistake we shouldn’t make? »The lack of coherence between the pieces, the tablecloths and the decorations, which do not coexist in the same universe, that there is no homogeneity and uniformity in the different diners, as well as putting decorations, flowers or vases that do not allow communication between the people at the table «.

On the dates that we are here, we cannot miss the opportunity by talking to an expert like Ana Zapata about giving us a few deco style tips to dress our Christmas table. “Recreating the Christmas atmosphere requires using the colors of Christmas (red, green, gold), as well as Christmas candles, fruits and flowers are fundamental props”. The CEO of La Cartuja de Sevilla tells us that «my inspiration would be the Geórgica tableware, which is very Christmas, combined with some classic white piece such as the ewer jug ​​with Christmas flowers, with golden candles of different sizes in the center of the table. With these vivid colors, it is important to think about the possibility of using a plain, green or white tablecloth, with little pattern ”, he concludes.

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