How to clean the beauty blender or blending sponge without damaging it

The beauty blender has become an indispensable tool for those who want to look fabulous with their makeup. She discovers how to clean it without damaging it.

Last update: 08 May, 2022

Some cosmetic brushes and sponges are disposable, but the beauty blender it is a blurring tool that can be cleaned and reused. Its modern design means that, after a few uses, you can wash it to get rid of stains or bacteria that may have lodged on its surface.

This element has become a very popular makeup tool due to the beautiful finishes it leaves on the face. Despite its low cost, you can reuse it several times after undergoing proper cleaning. In this way, you reduce waste for the planet. Do you want to know more about it?

How to clean the beauty blender quickly

Your blending sponge may not be very tarnished, so this express cleaning will be enough to get it in shape.

1. Make soapy water in a container

Take a small, clean container that is just for cleaning your cosmetic tools. Pour a little warm water and liquid soap inside (you can use shampoo, baby soap or hand soap). Of course, discard the dishwasher since it can irritate the skin if you do not rinse the sponge well.

2. Soak the sponge

Put the sponge in the container and let it soak for half an hour. As time goes by, squeeze the sponge several times. Keep in mind that the container must have enough mixture to cover the beauty blender completely.

You will see the water become cloudy, it will turn beige or light brown; this is normal since the makeup impregnated in the sponge will begin to come off.

3. Massage the blending sponge

The beauty blender it will expand to its maximum when in contact with the soapy mixture. At that point, you should squeeze it with your hand and repeat the process several times. Then, take a special cleanser or baby shampoo and pour some directly onto the sponge, especially on the stained areas.

with your fingers, rub it for at least 3 minutes. Only use your fingers to do the job, otherwise you could ruin it.

Proper cleaning of the blending sponge helps to prolong its useful life.

4. Rinse the sponge with plenty of water

Put the sponge under a stream of water, ideally lukewarm. This process is ideal for rinsing the tool and completely removing soap and other residue. Don’t forget to squeeze gently under the stream several times.

5. Check if it was clean or not

A guide to this is how clearly the water comes out as you rinse. That’s the way it is, make sure the water comes out clear to start the drying step. If this is not the case, we recommend that you subject the tool to the deep cleaning that we detail below.

6. Remove excess water

Kitchen paper is indicated for these cases or, failing that, a clean towel. You must cover the sponge completely with the towel and squeeze it gently, so that the water that was inside remains on the paper.

By last, leave it in a place where it can finish drying in the open air. Make sure it has dried completely before you start using it.

How to deep clean the beauty blender

Do you think your blending sponge needs a deep cleaning? Here’s how to do it the right way. Do this only if after basic cleaning it still looks dirty.

1. Moisten the beauty blender

Wet the blending sponge for 1 minute. For it, place it just under the tap and make sure the water is lukewarm. In this way, you guarantee that it has absorbed enough water so that it can fully expand.

Another way is to put it in a container with warm water for about 5 minutes. No need to mix it with soap or wait for the water to get cloudy to continue.

2. Apply liquid soap

Use one of the soaps suggested in the quick clean, and apply it directly to the most damaged areas of the sponge. Keep in mind that in the market you can buy products designed for cleaning this type of tool.

3. Rub the sponge

Next, use your hands to rub the sponge. Place it right in the center of your hand against your palm and roll it over with the help of your other hand, as if you were rolling it into little balls. Do it for several minutes, firmly and with greater force than in the fast routine, but being careful not to damage it.

This vigorous massage will cause the makeup contained in the sponge to soften and rise to the surface.. An indication that this is happening is the appearance of a foam of the tone of the makeup base that you use.

4. Rinse it without stopping rubbing

To rinse the beauty blender, put it under the faucet, make sure the water is lukewarm and continue massaging it against the palm of your hand. Repeat the process until there is no soap left on the sponge. It may take a few minutes, but it is imperative that there are no soapy residues.

5. Evaluate the sponge

To do this, you must place it under the stream, let the water run, squeeze and see if foam comes out of its interior. If the water comes out clear, the sponge is clean.. But if the water is gray or beige, repeat the procedure.

6. Dry the sponge

squeeze the beauty blender by hand to remove excess water. Then wrap it in a clean towel or kitchen paper and squeeze it several times. To finish, let it dry in the open air and wait until it dries completely.

Before reusing the beauty blender it is important to wash it and let it dry.

How to sterilize your beauty blender with heat

Sterilizing this tool with heat is something you should do once a month, even if you do the cleaning process every week. Its function is to help reduce the proliferation of bacteria on its surface. This is a step that you should not skip, especially if you are one of those who uses it every day.

  1. Pour enough water into a container. Fill about an inch into a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Place the diffuser sponge in the center of the bowl and make sure it is wet with tap water. Avoid laying it dry as you could ruin the material.
  3. On high power, run the microwave for 30 seconds without covering the bowl. If you notice a few threads of smoke coming out of the sponge or that it expands a little, do not be alarmed, it is normal. For no reason stop observing the beauty blender while it is heating in the microwave.
  4. After the time has elapsed, let the sponge rest for at least two minutes. Now, take it out and place it on a kitchen paper or a clean cloth.
  5. Once it has reached a temperature that allows you to handle it, squeeze it against the kitchen paper. When removing excess water, let it dry in the open air. Once it is dry, you can use it.

Learn how to clean the beauty blender without damaging it

You may not have washed your beauty blender because you are afraid of damaging it. However, there are some points that are key to making it last for a long time; one of them is to use warm water during cleaning.

There is also the force with which you squeeze while you soap it, since if you are very abrupt you can deform it. So, follow these instructions to the letter and you can keep it for a long time.

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