How to choose the right curtains for your home?

People devote a lot of attention and importance to the moments of planning, analyzing and choosing all the details of their homes, as they are key aspects to create a space that suits their tastes. This involves choosing the right curtains.

The curtains fulfill specific functions, such as making the place more pleasant. In addition, the diversity of styles allows them to be used to make combinations, match other accessories and highlight colors or details. Even with them you can focus more the attention of visitors.

Choosing the right curtains it is also essential to protect yourself from sunlight that can filter through the windows and interrupt comfort, especially when darkness is necessary to reconcile a deep rest. They are ideal to find tranquility, privacy and security.

Tips for choosing your curtains correctly

Being such an important element for the decoration and needs of each of the homes, in the market there is more and more variety in the styles of curtains.

Because of this, it should be noted that The ideal is not to resort to buying just anybody out of desire, Rather, it is worth taking the time to analyze and consider all the determining factors. Here are some tips for making your choice.

1. Determine the main purpose of the curtain

To choose the right curtains it is necessary to think about what will be the main task of this new element to be incorporated. This is because there may be different objectives:

  • Expand the decor and retain a style. That is, making the curtain strengthen the idea of ​​a modern, rustic or traditional place.
  • Highlight a certain part of the place.
  • Light up a room or room that is opaque.
  • Counteract the light of a space that is very bright and uncomfortable.
  • Help maintain or extend the temperature of the place.

Also at this point it is important to clarify that not all the curtains in the house have to be the same, because in each place there may be different needs.

The curtains have a primary function in regulating the light that enters the spaces.

2. Measurements are important

Before buying the curtains, a measurement of the windows must be carried out. This step should always be executed so that at the time of installation all the glass is covered, they look as planned and provide the well-being that people are looking for.

On the other hand, with the knowledge of the measurements you can also buy the correct rods to hang the curtains. This aspect is sometimes overlooked, but it is key to avoid acquiring supports that are short or not quite resistant.

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3. The choice of color

Choosing the color is one of the most important points when deciding the curtain, as it is a very notorious factor that can help to highlight the place or take away harmony.

The most common way to make a good choice is select a color tone that is in the same range of the walls, sofas or cushions. In fact, you can make use of the same color of the walls when you want everything to work as a whole.

Nevertheless, another well-regarded alternative is to select a color that contrasts with that of the walls and the furniture, to create a game that is pleasing to the eye. This option is successful as long as suitable combinations are selected.

4. Select the chord style

There are multiple types of curtains, with different fabrics and textures. Each of them is better suited to a need. Therefore, the importance of recognizing them to obtain a consistent result:

  • Silk fabrics are the most suitable when the priority is decoration. This type of curtains give a touch of elegance and modernity.
  • Cotton is ideal to decorate while preserving a more natural than serious style. In addition, they are essential to help maintain or raise the temperature of the house.
  • Veil fabrics are for when you want some sunlight to enter the room, but at the same time maintain privacy and security. This type of curtains is widely used in rooms during daylight hours..
  • Thick fabric or velvet can be very requested for bedrooms, especially so that at night no light filters through and you can sleep without discomfort. You can go in front of a curtain so that the place is not dark all the time.

5. Define a good height and arrangement to choose the right curtains

It should be taken into account that, as far as possible, the curtain must be installed from a good height. It is advisable to do it almost from the ceiling so that the entire space acquires spaciousness.

Curtains can never fall short, because on an aesthetic level a good image would not be achieved and as a result of that empty space some intense light could be filtered that generates discomfort.

The most advisable thing is that they are touching the ground. You can even let them drop a few meters to make the window look bigger and more modern.

Choosing the right size of curtains is important. It is recommended that they reach the floor.

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Plan, devise and choose the right curtains for your home

You should never improvise in the measurements, as you can buy a curtain that does not meet the width and length requirements.

If you want to include a more risky style, you can buy patterned curtains. However, it must be taken into account that there is not an excess of figures that overload the place.

If there are many textures throughout the space, it is recommended to use plain curtains to blend and balance the space. Well, as you may have noticed, it will depend on the surroundings of the curtain itself what determines its coherence or not with the space that is being decorated.