How to become a healthier version of yourself in just 7 days

If today you were asked if you would like to be healthier, the answer is likely to be a resounding yes. After all, who likes to feel bad?

But nevertheless, It's one thing to say it, and quite another to do it. The idea of ​​having a life of health and connection with others, with the environment and with oneself sounds very good, but when we started to try it, we ran into obstacles. And when things get complicated, there are many who leave the boat.

Maybe the problem is that we do not know how to start, or how to deal with that change. If that is what happens to you, in this article you will find a good solution.

On the occasion of Women's Health Week, Women's Health magazine prepared together with a team of doctors a schedule to improve your health and your life in just seven days.

Would you like to try it? Here we tell you what it is about!

Monday: training


Therefore, this program invites you to start the week by exercising hard. Like when returning from the weekend, your body has much more energy, it will be easier for you to do it on a Monday. In addition, it is proven that those who start the week exercising are more likely to follow the rest of the days.

So, on Monday you should make your training harder, and the rest of the days you can decrease the intensity. You will discover that it is much easier for you to keep the activity in time if you do it in that order.

Tuesday: check

How long have you not had a medical checkup? If you do not even remember the date, do not worry, we understand you. It can be difficult to make the time to go to the doctor when you really do not feel bad, is not it?

Well, this Tuesday of being a better version of yourself has two proposals for you. The first is that you take a minute to check your schedule and request a shift for the annual check-up. Come on, you just have to make a phone call!

The second is that you do a check yourself. That is to review each part of your body carefully, to see if there is something strange. A spot on the skin? A lump you had not noticed? Most diseases are easier to cure if they are detected early. That's why being very attentive to changes in your body can be a way to stay healthy.

Do not forget to review your mental health too. How are you feeling, have you been too stressed lately? Have you felt depressed about something?

Tuesday will be the day you will dedicate entirely to analyzing your health.

Wednesday: connect


Nowadays, with our cell phone all day in our pocket, we have an incredible chance to connect with new people, to talk with people who think like us and to meet new friends. In addition, psychologists say that having an online restraint network helps strengthen mental health.

So on Wednesday it's time to connect with others. Try writing to an old friend who has not seen you for a long time, or join a group in a social network about your interests.

It may seem silly to you, but taking the time to connect with other people makes the most abysmal difference in how you feel at this moment.

Thursday: observe your relationship with alcohol

We all know that Thursday is the day of happy hour. The prelude to the weekend always invites you to have a drink after work.

It is a good time for you to encourage yourself to rethink your relationship with alcohol. Not only that, it's time for you to ask yourself what are your escape valves from the routine. Many people only find a release in drinking alcohol, and that clearly is not the best for health.

Of course, having a drink with friends from time to time is not a bad thing, but this exercise invites you to think about when you do it, in what amount, and with what motivations.

Is it possible to make some change to improve that relationship and start living a healthier life? This is the time to reflect on it. A tip: look for a notebook and use it to keep a diary where you write down when you drink and how you feel afterwards.

Friday: observe your sexual health

We enter the weekend, we relax and it is possible that, as a result, we have more sex. Friday, then, is the ideal time to examine your sexual health.

Verify how you are using contraceptive methods, and think if you need to incorporate some change or if all is well. If you have a partner, take the opportunity to talk to her about the same issues. When it comes to sexual health, it is always better if it is two.

It is a great opportunity to evaluate how you feel about the way you live your sexuality. Ask yourself if you are enjoying it or if you feel that something is missing. Make a list of goals to improve … And put it into practice!

Saturday: prepare the meal of the week


This week will be different, because on Saturday you will spend a couple of hours in the kitchen. Yes, I know, using Saturday hours to cook does not sound like a lot of fun. But we're talking about forgetting about it the rest of the week! Does not that sound better like that?

At least try it when you do this challenge. Surely, the results will be so good that you will want to repeat them. The grace is to leave everything ready so that in the week prepare lunch and dinner does not take more than five minutes. Any ideas:

  • Prepare veggie burgers
  • Pasta, rice or quinoa
  • Prepare the filling of a cake
  • Peel, cut and bake vegetables and vegetables
  • Wash and keep several green leafy plants dry

Then, it's just about combining the ingredients. To eat rich and healthy!

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Sunday: get organized and rest

Sunday is usually a sad day. The week begins again! Quiet: you have reached the end of a week in which you did a lot for you, and that will make you feel better on Sunday.

But the fun would be that this does not die after seven days, right? For that, the ideal is that you organize well next week, and that is the perfect task for Sunday. Write down everything you have to do first. Then, add to the list of tasks any activity that has to do with your health. It may be what you have read here, or it may be something new.

Finally, schedule some incredible moment that you want to live this week. You can reward yourself with ice cream on Wednesday, for having reached the middle of the week with good achievements, or to schedule a break with your partner on Saturday. Anything goes. Thus, you will start the week with more enthusiasm.

And do not forget to go to bed early! So you'll start Monday full of energy.

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Do you dare to try this weekly plan to be healthier? Challenge your friends!

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