How to be a more organized person?

Organizing and making the day work for us a little more and better is possible. We tell you what organized people do and how you can become one of them.

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Last update: June 13, 2021

Do you get frustrated at the end of the day when you realize that you could only finish 2 of the 10 activities that you had planned? It is very common that we feel that the hours of the day do not reach us. Organization is the key for our routine to be efficient, But for this we must learn how to be a more organized person.

Those who are organized do not go beyond what the agenda dictates in which they keep a meticulous record of what they must do. In this sense, when the day comes to an end, they take 10 minutes to plan the next day's activities and highlight those that are a priority. In addition, the order is not only in your notes, but in your work or study space.

Tips to be a more organized person

We are going to share some tips that can help you to be a little more orderly and feel that the day has been productive. It should be noted that you can apply them in any area, whether in the order of the home, in your work or in life in general.


Making to-do lists is a great start to become a more organized person. There are applications designed to make the listings with classifications, colors or priorities. However, the classic notebook is always current.

In turn, it is important to establish which activity is the most urgent and the most tedious to accomplish in the first place. World-renowned speaker Brian Tracy states in his book "Eat That Frog" that once you get rid of what you have been putting off, everything begins to flow much faster.

Also, you make sure that nothing is left to your memory, no matter how good it is. It is always preferable to leave everything in writing. This will reduce misunderstandings and confusion.

Writing lists in a notebook is still a classic way to improve organization.

Each thing in its place

You would be amazed if you counted the time we lose in looking for the car keys because we did not leave them in their place. Chargers, cell phones, papers, pens, clothes, toys in homes where there are children … everything has to have an assigned place and must be respected. Otherwise, we spend the whole day searching.

One of the advice of Marie Kondo, the expert in putting order in the home, is that whenever we go from one room to another we take something with us. That is to say, that we take advantage of the trip to take the clothes that were left in the kitchen to the bedroom, for example. It is very simple and you will save a lot of time.

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Ordered computer

If you work with a computer, it must be organized, with a clean desk and with the information available instantly. Make use of briefcases, folders and subfolders to classify your documents.

The same applies to browser bookmarks. It is essential to have folders of websites that have characteristics in common or that they gather similar information. For example, news, suppliers, customers, payment platforms, banks, movies.

It seems like a no-brainer, but many times we add a new bookmark to our favorites and then it gets lost. This takes time the next time we enter.

One thing at a time

It is better (and more productive) to focus your attention on only one activity at a time. You don't get distracted or diversify your energy trying to multitask at the same time, which often leads to not being able to finish either one or the other.

Ordered routines

Life passes under systems: work, children's chores, home, cooking, shopping. Each system demands us in different ways. We suggest you review what systems you have in your life and organize them one by one, so that you know what activities each one will demand of you.

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Advantages of being an organized person

Once the organization is installed in your life you can enjoy the advantages of order. Here are 3 benefits that will appear immediately.

1. Time saving

By having everything planned the day before, you start the day with something less to do. While you have breakfast, you can review the agenda and start without surprises, such as forgotten due dates or delayed accounts.

In addition, organized people leave nothing for the next day. In this way, the kitchen is cleaned at night and everything is in its place before going to rest. Believe us, you will start the morning with another face.

You can have a stress-free family breakfast without rushing if you have organized the day from the night before.

two. Simplification

Everything leads to reducing and simplifying. For example, by having a single list, you have everything in the same place and you will not forget birthdays or paying for electricity.

3. Low levels of stress

Everything that we have been reviewing in this article leads us to reduce stress levels. In this sense, we don't get overwhelmed trying to accomplish things that we already know in advance that we will not be able to specify. Instead, we trust the list we've made and stick with it.

Being a more organized person is a worthwhile change

One of the greatest satisfactions is taking a fiber and crossing out an activity that you had to do and have finished. It's a non-transferable sense of self-realization.

Remember to be kind to yourself and set daily goals that you can meet. This way you will avoid the frustration of not having been able to complete all the tasks that you had proposed. The lists must be credible and workable. Do you already have yours for tomorrow?

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