How to avoid urine infections in summer

Urine infections are very annoying and uncomfortable, the worst is that they can be recurrent, especially in summer. The good thing is that You can prevent the problem before you ruin your vacation. Take note of the tips that help you avoid cystitis in summer.


Beware of the wet swimsuit

In summer it is very easy to leave the swimsuit on after a swim in the pool or on the beach, you have to read in the shade or go to the beach bar to have a drink with the wet swimsuit and you already have one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to taking home a good urine infection that you have the rest of the vacations out of game or, at least, uncomfortable.

Carries a dry swimsuit always in your carrycot or beach bag or pool to avoid being long with the wet swimsuit in contact with the genital area. Such a simple gesture can save you many hours of martyrdom.


Water, water and more water

Yes, we have told you thousands of times, but it is the best advice we can give you for your health in general and to avoid urine infections in particular.

By increasing your water intake you will go more times to the bathroom and your body can easily eliminate bacteria and waste substances thus avoiding urine infections. You will also look a prettier skin in summer if you hydrate a lot and you will avoid hot flashes and dizziness. Minimize the consumption of caffeine and alcohol and bet hydrate with water, cold infusions, infused water …


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The dangers of using tampons in summer

Using tampons in summer has its risks. If you bathe with your tampon on, the cord and part of the absorption surface will get wet and will remain wet until you change, so you will be putting on a tray the bacteria responsible for the urine infection to be installed in your urinary tract. Change your tampon every time you bathe or switch to other, greener options and zero waste as the menstrual cup.


Sweat, your enemy

In summer it's hard not to sweat but maintaining sweat in the genital area will result in more than likely cystitis. Try to keep your temperature stable by regulating it with external help such as water, cold drinks, air conditioning, fans, walk whenever possible by the shade, not expose yourself to the sun in the central hours of the day … If you are going to spend many hours away from home you can cool the area with intimate wipes.

If you go to the gym in summer you will have the same problem, take a shower before leaving yes or yes Or, give it as soon as you get home to be as short as possible with clothes wet with sweat in contact with the skin.


Anti-cystitis cranberry juice

It is like a magical concoction against urine infections. If you want to prevent cystitis nothing better than, taking into account all the tips above, drink daily cranberry juice.

The Cranberries have antibiotic properties that will prevent the installation of the unwelcome and happy bacteria responsible for cystitis in your body Combine the intake of cranberry juice with water daily and you'll have a lot of ground gained from urine infections, and a whole summer to enjoy.

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