How to avoid the craving for sweet

Sugar is addictive and not just the obvious of cakes, buns, cookies or ice cream, it is also camouflaged in foods such as bread, turkey sausage, serrano ham, whole grains or tomato sauce among many others. Reading the labels of the products in your shopping basket and eating a healthy diet are the first gestures to get rid of sugar, but it is true that when the craving happens it is difficult to resist. We give you 5 keys to avoid the sweet craving once and for all.



Take probiotics

Curious, right? Well, you have your explanation. In our microbiota inhabits the candida fungus that feeds on sugar and can cause sweet cravings if you feel hungry, with its corresponding health problems such as psoriasis, weight gain, eczema, vaginal fungi … Taking probiotics such as kefir, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, kimchi or sauerkraut will ensure a balanced and healthy bacterial flora, keeping the candida at bay but feeding the beneficial bacteria so that the intestinal ecosystem is well regulated, minimizing sweet cravings.

Spices and herbs as allies

Cook with spices and herbs or add them in smoothies, salads, yoghurts etc … will reduce those inopportune sweet cravings in the most natural and healthy way. Add cinnamon, cardamom, ginger or turmeric to your preparations will be a revulsive to your health and will open you to a sensory universe of aromas and flavors.


Substitute sugar for sweets healthy

The banana, figs, dates, raisins, fruits like melon or mango … they are sweet foods in themselves that are going to alleviate that imminent need for sweet. If you also want to treat yourself to the eye, choose to cook your own healthy pastries, pancakes and sugar-free biscuits sweetened with banana, dark chocolate, applesauce, dates, even coconut sugar or agave syrup, oatmeal cookies with coconut oil and black chocolate chips without sugar … they are very healthy recipes, sweet and with which you will not have any remorse or insulin spikes.


Fiber and healthy fats

Foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables, are perfect to keep you satiated so you should include them in your diet every day. If you add in your healthy fat menus like avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil, what you are going to do is make your body burn fat more easily, they are also satiating and keep the glucose levels stable. If you add more fiber and healthy fats to your meals, you'll see how sweet cravings begin to fade.


Change the dessert

We are programmed from childhood to finish the meals with a sweet, a dessert that is the icing on the cake. This psychological level is marked and it is as if something was missing at the end of eating if you do not take a sweet. We also associate the taking of sweet with moments of reward, celebration and anti-stress, so it is difficult to decode this premise. However there are tricks to remove that 'monkey' of sweet that invades us after eating. Try a hot green or mint tea, an infusion of cinnamon, an ounce of 85% unsweetened dark chocolate or a few raspberries. Little by little that need will go down and you will not control the sweet tooth after eating.

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