How to avoid injuries and common problems when you run

To run It is fashionable and has become, for many Spaniards, a Lifestyle. He 'running' It is one of the sport trends that has grown the most in recent years in Spain, consolidating itself as one of the preferred practices for fans of sport, according to the study 'Runometer'.

This increase in popularity is reflected in the streets and parks of cities where, just by watching for a few minutes, you can check the rise and popularity of this sport. According to the report, the 'running' It is, along with cycling, swimming and hiking, the most practiced exercise in Spain.

The practice of this sport currently records less imbalances between male and female runners. Although historically it was a sport more linked to men, in recent years it attracts more and more women. This growing trend among the female population has not gone unnoticed by the sports industry, which has found in the brokers a new market niche for their business.

Taking into account the high participation in this sport that does not understand sex, surely more than one influential reader of El Confidencial wants to know a series of tips for avoid injuries and common running problems.


You must take special care of them. This articulation, of course, is essential to be able to run. Knee ailments are so common in this sport that they are grouped under the colloquial term 'runner's knee'. Avoid them doing some strength training and making sure your way of running is correct, pick up 'New York Post'.


Not even the best pedicure will be able to mask in your fingers the toll of running. Blisters and nails with bruises may appear frequently. Both can prevent yourself with shoes that are neither too small nor too large.


Some runners have suffered attacks heart disease while running, but the problem is usually related to other pathologies. Above all, talk to your doctor if you have a family history of heart conditions.

In addition to drinking water, we must replenish mineral salts to prevent our brain from entering a state of confusion and aggressiveness

Heart attacks are still the biggest cause of death worldwide: seven million people perish a year because of a heart attack. In Spain, data on deaths due to heart failure show a total of 422,568 people, an increase of 6.8% over past years, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).


Take care of them, you may not think about them much, but this training can cause splints, persistent pain in the front of the lower leg area. When you train, you should pay special attention and gradually increase the pace.


In very extreme cases, a condition called rhabdomyolysis may occur, which causes the muscles break down and release a protein in the bloodstream that can cause kidney damage. The solution is to stay hydrated before and after a workout to help you defend yourself.

To avoid damaging your pimples, do not force them if you feel pain and gradually increase the strength of the exercise.

If you want to take care of this organ in general, doctors recommend drink on an empty stomach to improve its operation. Urine can also help you know if you are hydrated or not. Don't get too obsessed either: the trick is easy, the more transparent the color, the less water you'll need to drink.

Feet and hips

Fractures caused by running in the bones are small bone cracks They can occur in many places of the body, such as the hip, pelvis or foot. Sesamoid stress rupture, which causes pain under the big toe joint, is quite common. This condition can happen when you take a false step.


Even if you have not thought about it, your mind too I could play tricks on 'running' If you are not attentive. Exercise involves sweating and losing sodium. If a runner drinks too much water without replacing enough minerals, a serious condition called hyponatremia can occur. A symptom is a confused mental state and altered. Drinking a sports drink can help replace the necessary electrolytes and prevent this frightening condition.