How to avoid having nightmares at night

Who has not ever had a bad dream that has woken him up at night or left him with a bad feeling all day long? Nightmares are not just a children's issue. Many adults may also have it recurrently.

If it is something sporadic, it may not bring more complications, but if it becomes a recurring problem it can really affect us.

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There are no consensual scientific explanations about dreams, even for bad ones. They are not phenomena that can be reproduced and studied like others. Some hypotheses point out that what we dream helps us to work on unresolved issues of our daily life, explore emotions we do not express, or free ourselves from tensions.

Sometimes the nightmares appear in front of situations that worry or distress us, or have to do with unresolved problems of the past, reflect things that we live in the day, or simply express fears or very deep wounds that should be treated in therapy.

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How to avoid nightmares at night

Here we share some tips:

Avoid high levels of stress and anxiety before going to bed, since they activate the brain and hinder relaxation.

Dinner early and with light meals. Avoid heavy or heavy meals, and exciting foods such as coffee or energy drinks.

Avoid reading or watching certain movies, programs or videos that are violent or very dramatic, because even though they are fictional, the unconscious in the dream does not distinguish the real from the imaginary.

Visit to the doctor to avoid sleep disorders such as apnea or narcolepsy, which can also be related to the appearance of nightmares.

He resorts to relaxation and meditation techniques before sleeping to reduce stress.

have a bath before sleeping to relax the body.

Listen to quiet music and generates serene and positive thoughts. Although at first they seem a bit forced, they have a real effect on the body and the mind. Try only with soreír. Something so simple, even if it is not genuine, tells your body that everything is fine, as opposed to the tension between the eyebrows, for example.

Make your room look and feel comfortable For resting. You can use a dim light, a pleasant scent, or whatever it conveys to your senses that you can rest in calm.

Leave the screens before sleep.

Do not argue before resting.

Do you know other tips to avoid having nightmares? Share them in the comments.


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