How to apply Feng Shui well in the decoration of your home to take advantage of the positive energies of the placement of your furniture

If you are thinking of redecorating your home, in addition to looking at dozens of decoration magazines, surely you have taken a look at the feng shui ideas. Feng Shui is a philosophy based on finding balance and providing energies positive to the places we inhabit, so it is not a decorative technique, but rather the best way to occupy the space so that it contributes welfare to your life. There are techniques to apply it in all places of our home, such as the hall or the room and, if you follow its keys, the energy will flow in your home and there will be more harmony and communication. We have compiled the ten essential rules to apply the philosophy of Feng Shui to your home without the need to make major changes. Pay attention.

1. Pay attention to the entrance to your home

The hall is the place where the Energy to the house, so it has to be clear and clean, so that entering the house is pleasant and does not generate unnecessary stress. Equip your hall with a shoe rack and a coat rack to maintain order and, if you can, place a carpet cozy and two plants, one on each side of the door, outside.

2. Clean and order your house

The disorder It produces stress and mental darkness and, according to Feng Shui, it leaves no room for new energy to enter, so it is necessary to keep your house clean and tidy. You don’t need to do days of cleaning marathons every day, with dedicating 5 or 10 minutes each day to have everything in its place, you will be greatly improving the energy of your home.

3. Enhance the entrance of light

This rule is key for both the feng shui as well as for decoration in general, since natural light improves any space and fills your home with energy. That the curtains and the furniture do not hinder the light input and enhance the lighting by placing lamps floor and table lamps that give soft and warm light. You should also bet on the Mirrorsbut place them in such a way that they reflect the sun.

4. Don’t lose energy in the bathroom

The bathroom is the room in the house where energy tends to escape more easily, due to the abundance of taps and pipes. That is why you have to check that your taps and cisterns do not leak and that the toilet lid is down.

5. Don’t forget the plants

According to Feng Shui, plants activate the Chi of the house, that is, they enhance the energy. Remember to include them in all areas of your home, including the bedroom opting, preferably, for succulent species.

6. Clear the way

This is not just about removing obstacles that you bump into every day, but it’s also a way of letting the energy flow through your home. It is also important not to blocks doors and that can be opened at least 90 degrees.

7. The kitchen, the energetic protagonist

The stoves, together with the oven, mobilize the energy of the whole house, as long as they are clean, of course. You should try to create a separation between the zone of fire (oven, stove, microwave and dryer) and Water (sink, fridge, dishwasher and washing machine).

8. Keep the work area away from the bedroom

Teleworking has been installed in our lives, but if you are going to install a zone of office in your home, you should never put it inside the bedroom. Feng Shui advises against the presence of appliances electronics or other objects reminiscent of work in the area of break.

9. Position of the main parts

The location of the bed, for example, it is essential to guarantee a good rest, avoiding placing it in front of the door and putting it in front of a window. The living room furniture, for their part, they should form a circle or else, that there are no corners too accentuated for the conversation to flow.

10. Be careful with the colors

The Red It is a color with a lot of energy, but you must use it carefully so as not to overload the room, especially in the bedroom. The green It represents hope and prosperity, which is why Feng Shui recommends that it not be missing in the decoration of your home. On the other hand, cold colorsstrong or even dark do not allow positive energy to be channeled and are capable of trapping negative energy.

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