How to activate the youth enzyme

Telomerase is an enzyme that repairs the ends of chromosomes called telomeres. What does this mean and why should you care? Telomeres are, in a way, an indicator of health, as they are one of the markers that reveal the passage of time in the body.

Therefore, if telomeres maintain their length, we can live longer with better health.

Certain healthy habits can help activate this enzyme and thus help us stay younger.

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Lets start by the beginning. What are the "telomeres"? They are a special DNA sequence, located at the ends of the chromosomes.

When a tissue requires renewal, a stem cell is divided into two. In this division the genetic material is duplicated, but the chromosomes lose some DNA at their ends: the telomeres are shortened. If this shortening is greater than a certain threshold, they cannot be replicated.

This is an inevitable process over time, but it can be regulated through an enzyme: telomerase. This is able to regenerate the length of telomeres, adding new base pairs at the end of the chromosome. In this way, telomerase delays aging and the diseases that are linked to it.

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The scientists found that one of the main components of aging is the shortening of telomeres.

A study published in the journal Nature by Elizabeth Blackburn in 2011 established a relationship between short telomeres and heart disease, diabetes, stress and cancer, among others.

But in 2008, the molecular biologist María Blasco, demonstrated with her research team that telomerase can extend the life of cells in living organisms.

To repair telomeres, the keys are few and very clear:

  • Healthy diet
  • Physical exercise
  • Restful and sufficient sleep
  • Stress management

Are you ready to activate the youth hormone?

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