How often is it recommended to change the epilating blade?

The level of androgens is responsible for the growth of body hair. Despite the fact that it is a natural process, many people opt for hair removal, because it causes them discomfort. Over the years, innovative hair removal processes have been created, but changing the razor blade remains a common question.

This is a disposable product and using it for a long time can put your skin's health at risk. That is why in this article we will show you how often it is recommended to change it; not only to keep the area well cared for, but also to take advantage of its maximum effectiveness.

How often is it recommended to change the epilation blade?

One detail that many people do not know is that the razor blade will last according to the thickness of your hair. However, most of them are made not to exceed between 5 and 10 uses. Therefore, we make a serious mistake if we continue to use it despite the fact that it may be worn, dirty or does not perform its functions well.

This information is valid for disposable blades. But you wonder if it is possible to make them last a little longer. The answer is yes.

For example, one way to extend the life of your hair so as not to change your razor earlier would be to use hair removal gel. This will maintain hydration and prevent the utensil from stagnating with dirt or dead cells.

Ardash Vijay Mudgil, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of the Mudgil Dermatology clinic in New York, says that you don't change your razor blade when it no longer works well. causes inflammation around the follicle and bumps in the shaving area.

The type of hair is decisive in the frequency of changing the razor blades.

Frequency of use

How you wax is more important than how often. It can even further affect the life of your razor.

If you prefer, you can shave daily, but always maintaining some habits, such as using foam or gels to avoid skin irritation and damage to the blade.

Quality and type of blade

The quality of the material is also related to how long it lasts and how often you change the epilator blade. You may not wax a little, but a second time it will not have the same edge if the product was not good.

Regarding the type, they vary in the number of blades and other characteristics. These elements must be related to a good quality of manufacture. It is better to invest the necessary money in one that offers you more and better duration!

Type of hairs

Believe it or not, hair types influence when knowing when to change the epilator blade. It is a myth that it will grow thicker when using this utensil.

Yes it is true that if it is thick in nature it can make the instrument last less time. This happens when it is not of very good quality as well.

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How to recognize when to change the epilator blade?

Now you wonder how you can recognize when is the right time to change your razor. There are several factors or details that you should be aware of to replace it immediately and they are the following:

  • It has no edge: this can also be inferred when it no longer cuts hair in the same way as it did at the beginning. It is useless if you wax, since it will leave you some hair that will be quite uncomfortable.
  • Rust marks: Do not shave with a razor that has rust marks! It does not matter if they are small or large. This can harm your skin and cause post-waxing illnesses.
  • Dirt: It is very common for dirt to get caught between the blades of the blade. Since there is too much, it is best to change it because it can cause irritation.

At any of these signs, you should immediately change your razor blade. Otherwise, the skin can start to take its toll with some symptoms such as inflammation of the follicles, buried hairs and infections.

Some razor blades have replacements. In the event of the above signs, you can replace the current blades with the new ones and take care of them.

Deodorant is one of the main elements that decrease the useful life of the blades, because it gets stuck between its blades and once it dries it is difficult to remove it. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the razor immediately after you use it.

The use of deodorants in the armpits reduces the life of the razor blades, so you must consider cleaning the debris.

Recommendations for a more durable blade

As we have mentioned before, it is possible to put into practice some habits that will make our razor more durable. For example, you should dry it immediately after use. This will ensure that there is no remaining moisture that can solidify later.

It is necessary that you choose to accompany the hair removal with special gels or foams for this. Believe it or not, they have a special function of hydrating the blades and keeping them free of traces of moisture. However, it is still a mandatory step to dry it afterwards.

On the other hand, it is essential that you know that you must use a special blade for the underarm area. Before we explained that common deodorant is a product that tends to get stuck in the middle of the blades.

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There is no single rule for changing your razor blade

There is no rule or rule of how often you should wax, so this will depend solely and exclusively on the way your hair grows. Even your aesthetic preferences in this regard.

For the rest, you already know that you can change the razor after 5 or 10 times. Otherwise, the edge will start to become less powerful.

Other tips recommended by manufacturers are the following:

  • Tapping the razor in the sink is not recommended. This can seriously affect the accuracy of the blades.
  • Do not towel dry. When we refer to drying the blade, it is only to leave it in an environment where there is not too much humidity, but never with a towel because fibers can get trapped.
  • Shake the razor to remove excess water and leave it under water for 1 minute after several passes. This will remove excess hair that can hinder later waxing.