How much water do you have to drink per day? It depends on your health, your activity level and the weather

For starters, drinking water makes you lose weight. Of course, it also hydrates. And it also positively affects your energy levels and brain function, among other things. And you don't have to drink it alone. For example, have you tried drinking lemon water? And if from time to time you want some variety, nothing happens to drink sparkling water. Once you know how important its consumption is, the next thing is to know how much you should drink per day. Two liters is the standard, but don't stop at that. Maybe you need a lot more.

The body is about 60 percent water and you constantly lose fluid throughout the day, mainly through urine and sweat, but also due to normal bodily functions such as breathing. To prevent dehydration, it is necessary to ingest a lot of water in the form of drinks and food.

The general recommendation of two liters

Health experts commonly recommend eight glasses of water a day, which is equivalent to about two liters per day. However, most nutritionists believe that it is necessary to drink water constantly during the day, even without being thirsty. As with most things, it is according to the needs of each one and depends on very particular circumstances.

One of the biggest determining factors is where you live or spend most of the time during the day. You will need more water in hot cities, wet or dry. You will also need more water if you live in a mountainous area or at a high altitude.

You diet it is also decisive. For example, if you drink a lot of coffee and other caffeinated beverages, you may lose more water from extra urination. You may also need to drink more if your diet is rich in salty foods, spicy or sugary. Likewise, you need to drink more if you don't eat a lot of hydrating foods with high water content, like fruits or vegetables.

Temperature and lifestyle

Temperature or the season of the year are also very important in determining how much fluid you need on a daily basis. You may need more water in the warmer months than in colder ones due to perspiration. And if you spend more time outdoors in the sun or in hot temperatures or in a heated room, you will likely feel the need to replenish sooner.

You daily activity it should also have an adequate response to your fluid needs. If you are active during the day, walk, or stand for a long time, you will need more water than someone sitting at a desk. If you do exercise or you do any intense activity, you should drink more to cover the loss of water.

The last important conditioner is your health. If you have one infection or fever or if you lose fluids due to vomiting or diarrhea, you should drink more water. If you have a health problem like diabetes, you will also need more liquid. And some medicines like diuretics they can also cause you to lose water. The same if you are pregnant: you will work for two.

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