How much meat can you eat a week? Science has discovered that it is less than you imagine (and that you are already eating too much)

Are red meats bad? In the past, drug abuse has been linked to health problems, including the dreaded cancer. But sometimes it seems that their own investigators disagree And last year, without going any further, a study stated that eating meat was not as dangerous as previously thought. So meat yes or meat no?

To settle the debate, an investigation published in the JAMA International Medicine magazine He warns that according to the data obtained in his study, it is enough to eat only two servings a week of red meat, processed, or even poultry meat, to increase the risk of suffer cardiovascular disease up to 7%. If we ignored these data, how would reducing meat consumption affect our diet? Well, a lot, because in Spain, according to a report by the NGO Food Justice, we eat up to eight times more meat than is recommended.

If we worries the health of our heart It seems that the time has come to remember that not all the protein we need in our diet has to come in the form of a steak. The fish, shellfish, legumes, tofu, or peasThey are excellent alternatives to meat.


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And in case you think that you can get rid of changing your carnivorous menu because, overall, you are only chicken and turkey fillet, remember that in this study we also associated intake of poultry meat twice a week with a 4% increase of the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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