How much fruit is considered 'too much' in our diet?

It must always be present in our diet, since fruit is essential for a good diet. In fact, we recently saw that even more should be present than previously thought. The recommendation of 5 pieces of fruit a day has been ruled out by science since consumption is asked to be a little higher.

But there are many questions we ask ourselves about the fruit: how to integrate it into our day to day, what specific benefits does each one have, what is the perfect time to take it or what to take according to our needs, such as for weight loss. But very rarely do we wonder if we are taking too much … is that possible?

How much fruit can we take without affecting our health?

Recently, the nutritionist and scientific disseminator Aitor Sánchez, known on social networks as "My diet limps", reflected on this topic on his Instagram profile. First of all, I clarified that he really didn't know if there was a case in which a person ate so much fruit as to have health problems.

He explained that "except for specific digestive pathologies or very specific cases of special diets, the amount of fruit that we should consume so that began to be harmful it would have to be so much, that it would reach the point where the consumption of fruit was displacing other foods that are also necessary in the diet. "

That is, the nutritionist advocates that a healthy diet that improves health is what makes that the body has all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins and natural fats that it needs. "For example, a person who only eats fruit at lunch and dinner and who is giving up consuming protein and fat sources" would be a dangerous case.

Affirms that these are not representative behaviors in our society and that they only occur in extreme cases "doing something crazy like: pineapple diet". So Sánchez indicates that we keep telling people to eat as much fruit as they can.

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