How many times a day should you go to the bathroom

We are still a little embarrassed to talk about it but the truth is that it is important to know the habits that your bowel and bladder have and achieve a healthy, and above all, satisfied relationship with your belly.

Sohow many times is it normal to go to the bathroom? In a matter of bodies what is normal for one person may not be normal for another. According to a 2010 study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 98% of respondents had very different habits, so much so that some went to the bathroom 3 times a week While others 3 times a day (after each meal practically).

There is not a correct number for everyone, because most people have their own routine to go to the bathroom the same number of times a day and during the same time. Deviating significantly from the regular pattern can be considered healthy, but it can also indicate the development of a stomach or intestinal problem.


The frequency with which a person depends on a variety of several factors:

Fluid intake

Because the large intestine absorbs excess water, not drinking enough fluids can stiffen bowel movements and make it harder to remove.

Your age

Constipation is linked to aging, because it causes the intestine to slow down, so feces do not pass so quickly.

Little physical activity

Keeping active helps the colon to function better and moves stool through the intestines more efficiently.

A diet low in fiber

A diet high in fiber will help us to have more regular bowel movements. A diet that lacks fiber can cause constipation or other digestive problems.

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