How can we make curtains with recycled materials

As time goes by, the use of recycled materials applied to decoration and interior design is increasing. Thanks to these recycling ideas we can save money and customize our house. Therefore, we propose making curtains with recycled materials.

These curtains are laborious and require a bit of patience. However, the result is spectacular and always very colorful and colorful. Do you dare to make your own curtains with recycled materials?

Recycling and imagination without limits

For many people it can be strange or shocking to reuse objects and give them another use. In fact, the essence of recycling materials is to turn something considered trash and give it a new life. Recycling is not incompatible with good taste or elegance, everything depends on our imagination.

The art of recycling can turn something bland and insubstantial into a single piece and of great value and usefulness. Let's not underestimate our possibilities and resources. With a little free time and desire, the results will not leave your guests indifferent. In this case we will see how to make a curtain with recycled materials.

There are many materials that can be recycled to make beautiful curtains for your home. You just need to test your creativity.

Curtains with recycled materials

Everything that costs effort is valued more. Doing this type of craft, regardless of our skill or knowledge, can turn a simple curtain into an object to be fond of.

However, it is important know how to choose the material with which we are going to work. The options to create our ideal curtain can be infinite, since that is the magic of recycling.

The choice of materials is always subject to the space where they will be useful and to criteria of functionality and viability. For example, if we have small children we should not make a curtain that were within their reach and were materials that can break easily.

The bamboo

To start, manufacture our own curtain with bamboo canes can be a very elegant and sophisticated idea. Bamboo for Westerners has an exotic and even tropical feel.

We only have to bear in mind that this type of curtains produces a peculiar sound when we move them and collides with bamboo. For some it will sound like poetry for others maybe not so much and I can make them nervous.

A curtain made with recycled bamboo can have a different use than a common curtain. It serves rather as an environment separator and not so much to give privacy to a space or to protect it from sunlight.

Something more complicated and laborious is to make a bamboo rolling shutter. It is a very good variant to consider but it requires a more complicated process.

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Bottle caps

If we want to give a fun and carefree air to our house or patio, a curtain made with caps or plastic bottle caps is your best solution. This option contributes its bit in the preservation of the environment and We are aware of the importance of recycling plastic containers.

The small difficulty of making a curtain with plugs is to get them. Given the you need hundreds of plugs, We're going to have to organize our friends to keep them.

Further, It is good to know the colors that we are going to choose. In this way we can go gathering the covers of the drinks that we need and so it does not become a meaningless mixture.

By reusing plastic bottle caps you can make a nice curtain to put in rooms or rooms. Do you like the idea?

Coffee capsules

For families that consume coffee in capsules, here they have a nice idea to recycle all those small disposable containers. With nylon thread and a good glue you can build the strips of a small curtain that separates, for example, the kitchen from the living room.

If we manage to collect all the capsules we need with patience, We can create some shape or drawing with different colors of these containers. Surely it will be a good topic of conversation with your guests and more than one will end up copying.

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More ideas for a curtain with recycled materials

Finally, if we want to personalize our house even more, we can use Materials that have a direct relationship with us or with our trades. There are curtains made with buttons, with the corks of the wine bottles, with sheets of soft drinks, with slides or x-rays, with CDs, with scraps of fabrics or, even, with ropes.

Any recycled material, that is not toxic and in good condition, can serve to create a lovely and unique curtain that you will not be able to buy anywhere. Do you dare?