How can laugh therapy help you cope with these moments of quarantine?

Laughter is always a great ally. And now, more than ever, you can help us. Laughter therapy does not cure diseases by itself but yes it has proven its great physical and psychological benefits.

The objective of a laugh therapy session is that at the end note that our positivity and optimism increases. Something we need right now, a lot.

How to do risoteriapia at home?

Although it is usually practiced in a group and in relaxed and friendly environments, such as, for example, in a park, the truth is that we can also practice it at home. According to Dr. Ramón Mora, who has investigated the therapeutic use of humor and laughter: "Laughing is good for health because it affects the physical and mental level" and its benefits are very similar being in a group or alone.

There are dozens of articles and tutorials on the internet that help you practice it at home. According to the experts of the website specialized in the subject:, the most important thing to start is "create a pleasant and respectful climate which will be the basis for relaxation and that 'jujujuegos y jejejercicios' be effective. "

Some of these games that we can do at home are:

  1. The Mirror: Face the mirror and make faces by changing the gestures on your face. If you are lucky enough to be with a child, the adult can act as a mirror imitating the child's grimaces.
  2. On tiptoe: Stand on tiptoe and raise your arms. He starts to laugh with the syllable JA and suddenly lets go of his arms and rests his feet completely. Then repeat with JE, JI, JO, JU.
  3. Homemade Laughter: Doing your daily things, suddenly let out a loud laugh (even if it doesn't make sense) and right after that, go back to normal activity.
  4. Phoning Laughter: Lying on the floor looking at the ceiling, practice different types of laughter such as happy, welcoming, malicious, playful, etc.
  5. The beast: Imitate the roar of a beast, the one you want but as much as you can. Go changing animals and changing the way you put your throat

Physical benefits

Laughter therapy and associated laughter movements help us physically, yes! Laughter is capable of not only relaxing the body, but also helps oxygenating it (since it improves and increases respiratory function). Let's not forget that by laughing we also release endorphins, which will make the body feel better.

Likewise, it is also capable of promoting the innmologic and circulatory system.

Psychological benefits

But where laugh therapy is really powerful is in the psychological part of the human being. Laughter, by itself and without great effort, distract us from many worries and shorten negative thoughts, so in a way it reduces anxiety levels.

In moments of tension, like these that we are experiencing, it is also able to calm aggressive feelings and attitudes and stress.

Laughter is also capable of let's face everyday problems in a more positive way getting that "we remove iron to the subject". Due to this, our self-esteem will improve as we will feel more comfortable with our decision making.

Social benefits

Yes, even if we are at home, whether alone or with colleagues, partner or family, having a laugh is also beneficial for your social sphere. Laughter is capable of strengthening relationships, increasing trust and reinforcing feelings of belonging, proximity, friendship and love.

If you do it with the people who accompany you, it will create unique moments that will allow you to escape from day to day and if not, It is a great idea to make a video call with friends or family and do it together that, although separated, laughing "together" is something very positive and liberating.

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