How a salad can turn you into that brunette

It is known that certain pigments present in plants, of which beta carotene is probably the best known, not only favor tanning, but in some cases help protect the skin from solar radiation and in others to prolong the tan. The advances in cosmetics provide us with many of these micronutrients, but also our body can acquire them through food.


So from here we propose to replace the bikini operation, which causes so many frustrations, by the salad operation since, although both affect the aesthetic issue, at least the second concerns itself with the health of the skin preventing its aging due to excessive exposure to the sun.

Beta-carotene: The kings of the tan

Some call them super foods for the skin because they have a potent antioxidant called beta-carotene. Are fruit and vegetables with red-orange pigment such as carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, melon, watermelon or pumpkin, among others. Beta-carotenes are provitamins that the liver transforms into vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for a healthy skin, nails and immune system, and apparently also to get a summer glow.


The 10 essential superfoods for your diet

But not only orange fruits and vegetables can help you tan. The greens with dark leaves are also known for their abilities to improve tanning. They contain large amounts of beta-carotene and are known for their abilities to improve pigmentation. Therefore, incorporating more romaine lettuce, spinach, green beans into our diet also brings out the color of summer.

Any of these delicacies is ideal for making a salad, a dish that goes more than well in those months of heat in which we often see our appetite diminished.

Other nutrients pro colorcillo

Foods rich in Vitamin B, such as pasta and whole grains, contribute to the skin elasticity protecting collagen. Vitamin C: All citrus fruits, red fruits, kiwis, papaya and vegetables such as cabbages and spinach are very rich in this nutrient that is also antioxidant and protects collagen and elastic, all good for the skin. Vitamin E: is found in cereals, nuts and legumes. Its antioxidant action fights free radicals, which are unstable molecules responsible for aging.


Fatty acids will also be our allies, since they make the tan last longer. They are usually found in vegetable oils -especially the olive oil that is the king of Spanish cuisine-, and in nuts, and although they are not exclusive to these foods, they are the ones that best adapt to a simple preparation such as typical summer salad.

Not only salad. Also summer smoothie

But not only the salad gives you the tone. Also the shakes can help to that end. The nutritionist Yolanda Pascual also shares with us one of her star elaborations to contribute to this golden skin effect, but yes, from the security provided by the shade. "Green smoothies are your allies for this summer, both to tan and to protect you from the free radicals that are produced by sun exposure. A shake to start the tan and protect your skin could incorporate the following: a green apple, a gold kiwi, a quarter of peeled lemon, two leaves of chard, cardamom seeds, a small handful of coriander, a basil leaf, half dessert spoon of ground linen, and 300-400 ml of water, depending on the consistency you want to give ".

Photo credit: Leonardo Gutiérrez Hernández

Tanned yes, but better through the palate

Finally and beyond the tips to reach our skin through the palate, we must always keep in mind the basics for tanning: Sun protection outdoors, even to go shopping, lots of water to keep the skin hydrated, with or without thirst, and of course avoid sun exposure at peak times and more than 30 minutes recommended by specialists.

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