Homemade and healthy Christmas sweets? We have the recipe

It sounds 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' background. Or 'Fish in the river' if you're not a fan of Mariah Carey. The tree flickers with colored lights, Netflix is ​​in the background (they are the best Christmas movies you can find) and you want, more than anything in the world, to reject your convictions of healthy living and surrender to the nougat, polvorones and ultraprocessed ones in the closets. Because even if you are a faithful follower of 'realfooding' or the 'Futurlife21' method, a polvorón is a polvorón. Therefore, and so that you do not give up your efforts to escape from harmful foods (you had enough with the company dinner last weekend) we have found the recipe for a light Christmas candy Perfect for you to also have a companion at coffee time.

A few days ago we already unveiled the recipe for low-calorie chocolate nougat so you could treat yourself this holiday season and today is definitely your lucky day, because there goes the recipe you were waiting for (and without skipping the diet).



– Raw or roasted almonds, if they are of the last better since they will have more flavor, (150gr, approximately).

– Buckwheat or spelled wheat flour, (150gr).

– Cashew or peanut butter for a somewhat stronger flavor. Remember that even if they have a lot of calories from nuts, they are healthy because they are free of added sugars.

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil, three tablespoons.

-6 dates to sweeten or panela.


-Star anise.

-If you want to reproduce the frosting that some types of polvorones carry you can get it with cream cheese sweetened with panela.

Remember that on specific occasions nothing happens to use panela to sweeten, especially in pastry recipes.

How are they made?

The most complicated thing is to achieve the desired texture and that resembles the original product. These are the steps you must follow:

– Crush the roasted almonds in the chopper and soak the dates with hot water so that they soften.

-Then add the rest of the ingredients in the chopper: the flour, dates, oil, butter of the dried fruit you have chosen, cinnamon and anise.

-Dritter the mixture until a dough has formed. Shape it and cut it into square and fat pieces. Set the oven to heat to 180 degrees while placing the powder in the oven tray, in which you have previously placed baking paper so that they do not stick.

-Keep the polvorones in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until you think they are golden brown. Remember that each oven is different. Let the candy cool and … voilà!

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